Managing files on a smartphone can get complicated if done manually because your default file manager app may be lacking some tools. If it is, then the user requires a fully functional app that will help in managing stored files effortlessly.

There are thousands of mobile apps available on the Google play store but not all of them are the best.

You may be searching for applications to help you better every time, then we have come up with few best file managing apps, most of them are totally ad-free but almost all apps have advertisements or come with a pro version that supports developers. You can choose which app fits you the best.

1. Files By Google

Files By Google is an android application to manage and clean files. It provides many simple ways to explore all stored contents without any ads.

You might be familiar with this one, if not, then it's the time.

Users will never be disappointed by the Google Files app and it has also the best junk cleaner system by which you can easily find duplicate contents, junk files, and large files in no time, clean efficiently and manage files effortlessly.

Currently, Files By Google app is not available for the IOS platform.

2. File Manager (Xiaomi)

At first, this file manager is only available on Xiaomi smartphones but later added to the play store and now everyone can use this file manager app. App size is very less in comparison to other big boy apps.

It has its own media, you can show images, videos, play music with this app. File managing is quite easy and many professional options are available.

If you are not happy with your current file manager app then Xiaomi File Manager would be a better alternative.

User will also get fast cleaning feature, by which clean ram and junk files quickly and check whether the installed application is taking more space or not. You can list all media files very quickly and also manage the external SD card.

3. ZArchiver

This app is developed by Zdev, in Russia. It helps to do many file managing work quickly with file compressing functions.

Decompress Zip, TAR, 7z, files. Very easy to compress media such as images, video, music, documents and save more space.

Key Features-

1. Compress and decompress any type of media or document (20+ types of archive files to make).

2. Protect files by setting up a password for archived files.

3. File managing is very easy and hassles free.

4. UTF-8/UTF-16 support.

4. File Manager By Asustek

Basic features available such as storage analyzer, Recycle bin, Hidden cabinet, PC file manager, Cloud storage support, and many more functionalities.

You can clear unused apps and junk files by this app and even connect cloud server storage instantly to manage files.

This file manager app has its own media so the user won't need to open a media app to display video/ Image files. Asustek file manager is best because it has no ads, and the app's beautiful UI is clean and fast, dark mode is also there.

5. Fx

Fx file manager is a normal version and a similar pro version also available for paid users. First-time users will get 7 days of free FX file manager+ features.

Their feature is awesome and you can see the below example of which type of stuff it provides.

File manager android

This app is free only for limited use but if you want to unlock extra features, a specific subscription will be required that is FX plus. Although you don't need to subscribe for the plus version as a user gets many important features even without any ads.

It comes with many premium features like web connect, root file manager, deep media explorer, etc.

You can also explore hidden and deep system files by system file manager. If someone wishes to make changes in root files, the user first has to root their Android smartphone.