Best psp games 2020.

PsP (PlayStation Portable) is a pocket gaming console by Sony. After years of its service and lots of worldwide popularity. Finally, it had discontinued by the company. But we can still play many popular games on our PC or smartphone. Here is how.

After sony PSP discontinued, various new emulators released for PSP gaming. Before these games were only run on Sony PSP but now we can play in android/IOS smartphones using PPSSPP emulator.

Furthermore, various new high-end graphics games released on the market for the smartphone but PlayStation games have a different place in a comparison of other platforms. Because of high graphics and simple controlling, it is mostly liked by gamers globally. Some of us still don't know about PSP emulator is available for smartphones.

But things have changed enormously,Now in 2020, we have lots of emulators to play PlayStation games in pocket devices. Today we gonna mention some most downloaded and high rated PSP games.

So why PSP games are more popular than smartphone games. The reason is that PSP games are more realistic and have a better texture, graphics, controlling. You won't regret using PlayStation games.

So far, today we bring some hottest list of PSP games that you might love to play. PSP already gained a higher place in the gaming market because it has around 1200+ high-quality awarded games.

Before, PSP is widely used by gamers and has the feature of portability and easy to fit in a pocket. You can use PSP like a smartphone.

Although today's smartphone comes with high-end specifications and leading processor technology. Playing android games just not enough, now try some best awarded PS action/adventure games.

To play games lag-free, it requires a minimum processor of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 6++ series and an emulator to run ISO files. We have picked up a shortlist of popular games.

God of War and most likely all GTA series are most popular right now, it is the best psp game to play in 2020.

Best psp Games of All Time

God of War - Ghost of Sparta

Basically, this game is most popular because of its graphics. GOW was released in November 2, 2010, and developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Entertainment America.

This is the best game to play in PlayStation Network. There are currently two versions of this game available, first in PSP and also available in the PS3 console.

God of War should be in the first number When the first part released the god of war 1 in PS2 it instantly becomes very popular among youth. Then, finally the sixth installment of "God of war ghost of Sparta" released on the PSP platform.

There is another GOW game released before, named "God of War - Chains of Olympus.

Both games are true action/adventure, download free rom files from the internet and start using it in a smartphone.

Release date - 2 November 2010

ISO file size -?

Genre - Action/Adventure

Platform - PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3


2. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

This game is fantastic for Army lovers. It is shooting/Action/Adventure game with exciting missions. Now, its time to play on your smartphone.

Metal Gear Solid was developed by Konami together with several companies. It was first released in the United States. The game runs with full speed in smartphones and iPhones. It has sexual scenes, violence, blood, and gore. Although, it is rated mature only.

There are about hundreds of missions. It is similar to Call of duty. But here unique missions and detailed stories make it enjoyable. Players would be trained to gain fighting and shooting skills.

Release date - 28 April 2010

ISO file size - 1.65 GB.

Genre - Action/Adventure and shooting.

Platforms - PSP / PS3


3. Silent Hills: Origin

Like horror games, Now here comes one of the best horror games. If you never heard of the silent hills game series then consider it like 'resident evil' game.

Silent hill origin is a horror/puzzle and adventure game for the PSP platform. Surviving against mutated monsters is fun.

The game contains horror, murder, violence scenes and this makes it more interesting. If you are a fan of horror games then it has come time to kill anomalies.

Although, Your difficulty can be managed by a puzzle solution. Yes, the player may be stuck at some point where they need to think like solving a puzzle.

This is the best and highly recommended game. That's why it is in the 3rd list. If you have a suggestion regarding horror games then don't forget to comment below.

Release date - 6 November 2007

Game size - 804 MB approximately.

Genre - Action/ horror/ puzzle/strategy.

Platforms - PlayStation Portable.

4. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

"Monster Hunter" as the name suggests is an action and adventure video game. It is an expansion game of previous original 'monster hunter freedom 2'. Available in the different platforms including PSP, PS Vita and even for iOS.

Graphics are good and it has a proper plot for fighting.

If you are an active action lover then it is for those are in search of a top-rated PSP game.

It has a 9.5/10 rating on IGN and one of the most downloaded video games on emuparadise and different PSP room providers. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite released in 2008 and published by one of the most popular game developers "Capcom".

Release date - 27 March 2008.

ISO game size -?

Genre - Action role-playing.

Platforms - PS Vita, PSP and IOS.

5. Prince of Persia Rival Sword

The POP video game is known for adventure and greek stories. 'Prince of Persia' is an action and adventure game. The Rival Sword version is for the PSP platform. It has similar stuff from the God of War game. Various enemies are mythological.

It was created by Ubisoft and first release in the USA. There is also queen in Prince of Persia and the prince has to save the queen from monsters and enemies. This is a single-player game with lots of adventure plots.

Players also find various video stories in this game. If you want to play this game you can play in your Android or PC with emulators.


Official Description

"In Prince of Persia Rival Swords, the Prince makes his way home to Babylon, bearing with him Kaileena, the enigmatic Empress of Time, and unspeakable scars from the Island of Time. But instead of the peace, he longs for, he finds his kingdom ravaged by war and Kaileena the target of a brutal plot. When she is kidnapped, the Prince tracks her to the palace – only to see her murdered by a powerful enemy. Her death unleashes the Sands of Time, which strike the Prince and threaten to destroy everything he holds dear. Cast out on the streets, hunted as a fugitive, the Prince soon discovers that the Sands have tainted him, too. They have given rise to a deadly Dark Prince, whose spirit gradually possesses him."

Release date - 3 April 2007

ISO game size - 1.27 GB approx.

Genre - Action / Adventure.

Platform - PSP / Wii.


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