Youtube is sure a fantastic way to share videos globally. As today there are millions of creators who are making videos and making money from Youtube. It the most popular video content platform in the world.

watermark youtube video

However, you can also watermark videos for better branding and to increase subscribers by showing an overlayed image in the lower right corner this will not only make content professional but increases the brand awareness of your channel. Simply, many creators put a "Subscribe" icon and this would work for them to increase subscribers because it will tell viewers to subscribe to the channel and with this, you even don't have to manually set up branding in every video.

YouTube studio is all in one platform to edit uploaded videos. Now, if you are still not aware of this thing then this guide will help you to set up a watermarked image.

The image will act as an overlayed image and does not interact with the viewing experience. A little example here, you may hear songs where the VEVO watermark is always there.

To make the channel more recognizable there are many YouTube tricks, currently, this step is quite effective.

  • First, Open Youtube studio webpage.

  • Or directly click on this URL to open studio, YT studio.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and open the settings (Gear icon will appear).

  • Click on 'Channel'.

  • Head over to 'Branding'.

youtube studio setting for branding

  • Upload any image that you want to show in all uploaded video contents. This will work until the video paused.

PNG and GIF format is supported, note that image size should be 1 Megabyte or less.

This way a creator can maximize the branding of the channel and it may help you get more subscribers. The watermark logo never interferes with video content because of its responsive functionality.

Visit your Youtube channel and see if it is working or not.