Update - This program is closed now.

Recently, this mobile browser called "brave browser" highlighted on the internet for their premium services and extraordinary features to every user. So, you can just believe this app, maybe. But today you are gonna surprised by knowing what the hell is this?

Brave Browser is a simple browser just like google chrome. It comes with several minor features and tools that can improve your web browsing experience. The app can easily eliminate ads, javascript, and redirects to make internet surfing awesome.

It is available to download on Windows, macOS, android, and iOS operating systems. It is free to use and a user can even earn virtual money by simply browsing the internet. Also, learn more about its referral program.

Brave software inc is a UK based company. it has the same layout as google chrome but users will get high-end ad blockers and website trackers. Brave browser not only let you surf the internet but has modern ads blocking features.

A bonus program for everyone is available. You can too earn money by the brave browser. Earn up to $5 for referring friends and family members.

Available to download in about all platforms. It is a free and open-source web browser. But the company also paying money to its users for surfing the internet or using brave differently. They have a very different view and paying business model.

The company released various versions of its browser on different platforms including mac, windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Currently, the company is running a high paying offer in which you can make earnings in the form of online currency "BAT".

"Basic Token Attention"(A type of online currency) is used by the brave browser.

Also, get a free token grant occasionally, the token can be used to donate BAT to other creators. Earn more tokens by privacy-respected ads.

BAT is transferrable in bank account monthly as money using uphold service.

There is a good amount of profit if the user invites others, using a unique referral link. Here, I am going to show you the important requirements to participate in this referral program.

For each referred friend you can earn about $5, an Invited person have to download brave browser and use it for at least 30 days. (Both will get rewarded)

Getting started with Brave browser

  1. Download the "Brave browser" ( Google play link)

  2. Download brave

    By using this app you can easily become a member. The next thing, follow the below link and go to "Become a creator".

    You will be redirected to create an account on the site, Then enter required details like email, name, etc to quickly sign up.


    > Signup using email.

    > Now do email Verification.

    > After completing the signup process, click on "add channel".

  3. if you have any YouTube channel then link it there or first create a YouTube channel. This is an important step to join brave.

  4. Share your referral link with other friends and earn up to $5 on each invite. You can currently earn unlimited BAT tokens, BAT token can automatically transfer to the bank account.

Here is an image showing the brave app dashboard. BAT money automatically converts into USD.

In Indian money, it's about 280 Rs on creating a free account and get 380 rs per refer.

Start using this offer now and earn 💰 money by inviting friends. The only last thing I recommend you to use this browser for superior privacy, fast and secure surfing. It's a great alternative to Google chrome.

Brave refer and earn program is quite famous and everyone loves to suggest this web browser. It is one the best open-source browser from which you will the internet in a new way.