Are you searching for an easy and simple way to hide your important files and folders? okay, this can be done very quickly, use this simple method.

You might be now wondering that it may need an app, actually, nothing is required.

Many people want to hide a folder/file without any application but it can be done by a small trick. It is kinda unique.

This trick is only working on android operated smartphones, not in other operating systems.

If you are using apps for hiding images and personal documents then it's ok. 

Remember that you can't put passwords on hidden files, however, some file explorer apps can do it directly. The mentioned method is not a perfect way, but still, you can use it for saving time because it is pretty fast.

Tricky knowledge about the Android system could be helpful. If you are an Android lover and don't know much about Android tricks and tweaks then know some from, it could help you a bit.

Hide/unhide any personal documents, videos, and images, data, etc.

  1. Open your File Manager app and find that particular file that you want to hide.

  2. After choosing the Folder/File, rename it. Rename the file name, add ( . ) "full Stop" before the name of the file.

  3. Save it, the renamed file or folder will beautomatically get hidden. 

If you want to see the hidden file, check for hidden files by going to, file manager settings > show hidden files.