Engineer mode is a useful tool to test a smartphone and to know device configuration and information.

Mainly, you can easily do it by external apps to reach engineer mode in any Android device to check hardware functions.

Xiaomi Smartphone UI has a simple way to access in the Engineer Mode, this mode helps in various vital functions of a mobile phone and you can too know system information easily.

This trick is fine working on all Xiaomi smartphone, but note that it could be eliminated any time in a newer version of system update.

Every company's phone has a different way to open this menu. For Xiaomi Redmi phones, you can simply follow the below-given tutorial.

There are two easy ways to open this mode, first by clicking the 'Kernel version' or by dialing a unique USSD code on phone dialer, you can go in any way you want.

Note - These below methods do not work on all smartphone, check if it is working or not because every Android phone has different functions and features. Due to regular system updates, these features may get terminated.

Steps for Android Engineer Mode

For Xiaomi Phones

  • Goto Setting > About phone.

  • Find Kernel version

  • Tab on the Kernel Version option 6 - 7 times regularly, it will automatically open a new menu for Engineering mode.

USSD Code Method

This method works in many android devices and not just in Mi phones. It can be done in Motorola, Nokia, Asus, Lenovo, Realme, Oppo, Vivo smartphones.

Open Phone Dialer.

Type this USSD codeĀ  *#*#6484#*#*

Engineer mode shall appear.

This method works in 80% of Android smartphones. If you know any device tricks and secret stuff then don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Features of Engineering Mode

Engineer mode is used to gain deep information about any device and for many other functional works. You can test your hardware by this small android feature.

Having a problem in an android device with recording, camera error, hardware failure and any other type of problem, then it can be known by this feature.

Before going to the service center, you can check hardware functioning by doing different tests, it will tell you what is actually wrong with the smartphone. In rare cases, the device owner can even fix small Android phone issues.

In case hardware is not working properly then you will receive an error message while doing hardware tests, so you can know which hardware has a problem.

If you do not detect any errors during the device test then everything is ok.

Always try to solve software issues first, because sometimes many device problems could be occurred by software or external app.

Engineer mode includes menus like this:-

Automatic Test

Single Item Test

Test Reports

Software and Hardware version

Device view (Informations)

Open Engineer mode Android

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