Paytm, almost every Indian is using this for recharge, booking, shopping, money transfer, etc. As the company growth climbed, paytm also launched Paytm payments bank.

By which every existing customer can avail all banking services by doing full KYC with Aadhaar number.

Paytm payments Bank

Many customers already linked aadhaar but if you have still not done then this guide would help. Anyone can link Paytm account with the aadhaar card number to become a verified user. You can even open a bank account instantly without any paperwork, hmm, that sounds good.

As Paytm users are increasing day by day, the company launched many services and they have set a limit for KYC and non-KYC users. Usually, with a full KYC account, you can do more and enjoy many benefits.

To take full advantage of Paytm and banking services, one has to complete the verification process by any valid document. Aadhaar fingerprint verification is basically important to open a savings paytm bank account.

Paytm Payments Bank is similar to other Indian banks and customers can enjoy up to 4% interest rate and get all banking facilities along with fewer fees & charges. You will instantly get a virtual ATM/Debit card or may even order a physical ATM card.

This bank serves many services such as checkbook, ATM card, etc. Transfer money from paytm bank to other accounts quickly.

If you still have not done KYC verification of Paytm then follow the below little process to do it. Link aadhaar and your paytm cash amount can be transferrable to Paytm bank account. There are many benefits that you can find on the Paytm app.

Paytm is also giving some random cashback to users for KYC. This will not only increase transactions monthly limit. But also gives access to new Paytm services and more offers.

Paytm Bank will work same as other banks such as SBI bank, Axis bank, Canara bank, etc.

Users must have aadhaar card or any other required Indian document for full KYC.

Open Paytm Savings Bank Account

  • First, open Paytm app, or download it from the Play store.

  • Now login into your account using the mobile number or email.

  • Click on 'Bank' > "Complete KYC".

  • Now click on "Link Aadhaar ". Otherwise, you can also use documents like pan card, driving license, etc.

  • Simply, enter your aadhaar card number and An OPT pin would be sent to a registered mobile number to verify aadhaar.

  • Now Choose any nearby retailer shop or Paytm verification point to verify the account using fingerprint.

  • After fingerprint verification, the Paytm Non-KYC account automatically updates to the Full KYC account.

Now, you will get many benefits such as higher money transaction limits and all banking facilities.

Paytm instantly provide a virtual debit card for bank customer and one can use it for online shopping, money transfer, etc. Users can also order a physical debit card and use it to withdraw money from nearby ATM.

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