State bank of India's e-service portal lets you quickly do all banking work online. Many of us sometimes don't utilize all the important features of online banking instead we just visit the bank branch and stand in queue for a long time. At the bank branch, more time would be consumed and you may feel irritating.

State Bank of India has all important stuff at their net banking portal, that can be used from a smartphone.

But as you know we are living in the internet world, possibilities are now becoming reality. Although every bank, now provides net banking features, Some new people are unable to use all the features because either they don't know about this or have confusion.

This quick guide shows you how to request an ATM/debit card using the SBI online portal (Internet banking).

If your SBI ATM card is stolen or lost, Block it quickly from net banking or by using SMS.

To order a new ATM card simply follow the below steps if you don't want to visit the branch.

Simple Steps to Order Debit Card Online

  1. The first step, visit SBI online portal and click on login.
    (You must have net banking enabled from the bank to go further)

  2. Enter your Username and Password

  3. Now head over to the left sidebar menu and click on E-services.

  4. Open "ATM card services".

  5. Click on "Request New card"

  6. Then, choose a primary or secondary account, Enter 'Name on card', select card type. There are various types of card type would appear, select your desired one.

  7. You can even order custom printed ATM cards, 'MY CARD' option is available there. If you want this, choose the 'My card' option for an image printed debit card.

    Now submit and follow further steps.

  8. If you would like to receive it at a new address then enter a new address or choose a permanent address. Then, click on submit.

  9. SBI online

  10. In the last step, they will ask you to choose the desired validation method, You can verify it by OTP message or by entering a profile password.

You are all done. A confirmation message will appear regarding the request.

After successful validation, you will receive a brand new ATM card. Furthermore, the user can easily activate it using net banking or a nearby ATM.

Important - Except for platinum and gold debit cards, there is no issuance fee charged while ordering a new SBI debit card online. Only annual maintenance fees would be charged. Some global ATM card has its own requirements, those who comply with basic requirements are eligible

Get the desired ATM card without visiting the bank branch. Visa, MasterCard, Rupay cards available.

For domestic use, apply for a domestic Visa/MasterCard debit card. For international use, you can apply for global debit cards.

Note that there is a specific annual fee charged for all ATM cards. Only the Rupay card have relaxation. You can check more about all fees and charges on the SBI website.

If you are facing any error or problem while requesting a new ATM card then call customer care for a solution.