Android smartphone comes with lots of features and we see many new things daily, as usually it can not be compared to Computer but today there are thousands of small tasks we can even to it on our android smartphone.

Txt file can be created by the mean of the smartphone but we have to use other third-party apps because this function is not available within the OS.

These files exactly work as exactly like a computer made file. There are many uses of the TXT file. Some important work, you may need to create a plain text file or, anyone can do it from their phone, here is how.

TurBo Editor

Turbo Editor is a simple way to create and edit a text file, you can find this app in the play store. Users can edit the existing TXT file or create a new one.

It is an open-source Android application and free from ads.


Turbo Editor

Currently, this is the most simple and easy way to create text files. If you have other methods then let us know in this comment section.