Today the internet is full of scam reward programs and users easily got tricked by small companies.

Here is a simple example, some apps say they will pay you money for completing tasks or for referring friends.

You may see many types of apps and websites that come with a referral program, and the worst thing is that many of us simply spend lots of time to earn pennies, and sometimes when the payout time had come you won't even receive that money.

If you really want to earn money online, trust is everything because companies take your time and earn huge money without giving you any money.

In some cases, people start using some apps to earn money online and at last, they never get paid for their work.

This is not only growing in India but also in other countries too. Many users simply waste lots of time working online to get paid. My recommendation is to first check reviews and the company's trust is everything.

One of the biggest scams is referral programs. I am talking about those shitty apps that tell their users to invite other people and get Rs. 5 / $0.02 (This is an example). In this way we are only promoting those programs for a very little amount, if they pay then it's just fine but this is not gonna happen always.

Eventually, it's a total waste of time promoting a reward program. Only trusted and verified apps/sites are good to use in this condition.

So, what we can do to reduce online scams? The simple way is that, if you ever download and use the online reward app or site, first check reviews on the internet about that app or website. If they really pay then it is based on your wish to use it or not. Before using any app, (basically in India) knowing more about the company can save you lots of time.

Today, only very rare companies are giving rewards to their users by using a smartphone.

Never try apps such as Tapcash, Cash Panda, Paybox, etc. They only make you spend time on their site and users start doing surveys, tasks, referrals, and at last, you never get any money.