Xiaomi is becoming one of the leading smartphone brands in the market. Everybody going towards this cheap smartphone company as it provides all the required things that an android phone needed.

if you own a Xiaomi Mi phone and struggling to find "Developer Option" then you to need to do this simple trick within settings to enter developer mode.

Once it is switched on then it will be added to Settings.

By default, this option is turned off in all Xiaomi Android smartphone models. You can not enter into Developer Mode directly. If you are one of those who want to do this stuff then is the whole guide to doing it.

Developer's Option can be used to configure various functions of an android smartphone. Without this, it is not possible to change the systems setting and other vital functions.

This mode is not for the regular user. But if you know more about Android then doing tricks with android is fun. If you can not find this option then below trick is for you.it will only work on Xiaomi phones. For other smartphones, we will update the page with a new trick.

How to Become a Developer

  • Open settings (Of your Android phone).
  • Then open 'About Phone' menu.

  • Click on 'Miui Version' for 3 to 6 times regularly (Tap tap tap...), this will show a message telling that you have become a developer. The phone will automatically turn on the Developer mode setting soon.

To check that if you are now a developer or not.
Goto Settings > Additional Settings > check for Developer's Option.

This method only works on all devices with MIUI global version. If you still facing any issue regarding this then comment below.

Developer Options Can Be Used For

Enable/disable USB debugging

Bootloader unlock

Mi unlock

Revoke system

Mock Location

Wireless display configuration

Show touches

Hardware and gaming GPU options

Strict mode

CPU usage

Memory optimization

Miui setting

And more etc.

These settings can do function that you would not find in any other place. It is very useful for people who want to explore Android OS.

Also, if you do not have knowledge about these options then do not use them because it can easily make changes to the smartphone.