Android is no longer the baby OS we know. It’s come a long way since 2008 and has become the most widely used mobile OS. Though it has many shortcomings, it has a few advantages to die for, and if you are a light user, there is no reason to go for any other platform.

Well, let's find out the reasons one by one.

It is a Cheap way to enter the smartphone world

Not all people use smartphones these days. Many aspire to do so, however, and android is the perfect way to enter this world.

Android smartphones are available at a variety of price points, sometimes you get too much for too little (take Xiaomi, Asus Zenfone, Realme for example) and the free apps on the Play Store are a good gateway to understand how apps can change lives. Different manufacturers sell different types of android phones, some with special features like some gimmicks, some sensors, etc.(Samsung and sony especially). True, Android phones don’t last long, and we sometimes end up paying a huge amount of money to use a phone for a couple of years at most. But many people get bored with their phones within such a long-time period and change their phones anyways.

You don't have to worry about storage

Most android phones have a micro-SD card slot, which, as you might have guessed, allows you to insert a micro-SD card(obviously)to store your data. Some phones have very little on-board storage, and this is a boon for those who carry a lot of their data in their pockets.

Your android phone works your way

Android is hands down the most customizable OS, making it possible to tweak almost each and every aspect of your phone. From live wallpapers to adding widgets to different home screens to changing your theme or the entire launcher, you can tweak your device to work the way you want it to.

You get most of the content for FREE

Sure, the quality of android apps cannot match up to iOS, but they are cheap as hell, or free. You can download free versions of paid apps, and if you just wanna experiment with some apps rather than make some actual use of any, android is the OS for you. You can trick your friends into thinking that your phone is being charged by solar power, and do many more pranks, for free. You can get millions of games for free, just to pass away time.

You can easily transfer your music and photos and videos to your phone from almost any  computer or phone. Most android users have only free songs, videos, etc, and these can be shared in a variety of ways. You don’t need any special software.

one Android device can be used by many

You can set up different accounts on one android device, so that one tab, for example, can be used by the entire family, and no member has to share their confidential data with others. That is unless it gets hacked.

If you are a basic or new smartphone user, android is THE OS for you. But if you are looking for great apps, good long-lasting performance, reliable and stable phones, you might wanna choose another road.

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