Making money online, it is not true always but you can earn a few bucks with the help of reward websites, and today you gonna read about a reward program known as Swagbucks.

Earning online is now possible but very limited, you are at the right place to explore ways to earn pocket money (Not by parents).

On the internet, there are numerous reward websites and apps available, just be sure not to go with a scam program.

Are you searching for an easy and legit way to earn some money using free time then try this method? Over thousands of people are making money online by different methods just by this reward program called Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is one of the famous and most trusted small online reward programs.

By doing activities such as completing tasks, playing games, watching ads, surveys, etc users can get SB points, it works great with high paying merchants.

It is one of the safe and 100% legit way to get shopping vouchers and real money(Via Paypal). Swagbucks is not similar to other reward systems. If you want real money and rewards, you should try this. This way one can utilize their free time.

It gives SB points whenever we complete a single task, these points are convertible to PayPal and amazon voucher.

Earn Extra Money, Get Paypal and Amazon vouchers

Swagbucks provide multiple ways to earn money as Swagbucks points. First, you need to create an account in their network.

Example of tasks

  • Shop online and get cashback.
  • Watch interesting videos
  • Answer survey questions.
  • Search the web
  • Invite friends/Referral Program.

The most profitable way to earn points is by searching the internet using their own search engine when you search anything from Swagbucks, the user will get points that could be redeemable as various gift vouchers.

I have explained full details about using this reward program, you can trust this network because they have paid millions to users till now. That is a very huge amount and it really matters.

Swagbucks have various ways to start with. Redeem your SB points to these gift vouchers/PayPal or Amazon shopping.

To enter in the journey of online rewards you need to register an account here, Email, name and mobile number are mandatory.

(Sign-up from below link and get a registration bonus of 500 SB points - Countries specific)

Join Now

Enter Signup Code - 39069098

Also, Enter Sign up code if required.
By using sign up code while registration you can earn free extra points as a signup bonus.

Complete Daily poll and daily search internet by their search engine for more SB points.
Try a golden survey for extra points daily ( up to 50 SB).


The easy method to get more SB points is by using swag codes. Swag code is distributed online by the SwagBucks team as a giveaway. Find swag codes on their facebook page, Twitter account, or search on the internet.

They have the highest-paid offers that are included on a daily basis. There is no limit on 'How much you can reward via SB', it is unlimited.

Offers and Surveys

Swagbucks provides unique ways to earn SB points. More exploration will give more opportunities to collect points. One of the ways is by completing online surveys because it will give higher rewards.

Surveys are the easiest and quick way to earn more points, you can go to the menu and find offers according to the need.

The above offers will make you lots of SB points. You can try all offers at once and earn up to $10 in a single day, but as you know free time is required to complete tasks.

Another way is Search and Earn, with the help of search, engine menu earn lots of Swagbucks points instantly, all you need to do is surf the internet.

For example, instead of searching in Google for queries simply use Swagbucks and search for anything you want. This could make extra SB points by just searching the internet.

Open homepage after signup and you will find some most paying offer list. I mean most highly paying offer that increases earnings at no time. As you can see from the below screenshot there are lots of surveys here. when you complete, a bonus is also be given.

Redeem Points to Paypal and Amazon

Swagbucks is not a local reward program that will give you only one or two redemption way. It provides various ways to get a payout.

Supported Redemption Methods.

Stream digital wallet- $5

Stream digit wallet of - 10$

Flipkart voucher - 250 Rs (India)

Freecharge Gift voucher - 250 Rs

Facebook game card

PayPal - 5$ / 10$

PayPal - 50$ / 100$

FastTrack Gift voucher - 500 Rs

Amazon Shopping voucher - 500 Rs(India)

A lifestyle Gift card.

There are many ways to earn points regularly, this network converts your free into money.

If you have earned decent points, the user can also donate their points to charities (No way).

Try your luck in Swagbucks and make some bucks easily.

It is a globally approached online service and currently, the company has millions of active users around the world. That's why Swagbucks is so popular right now and trusted by everybody.

In the US and Canada, this rewarding service is very popular, publishers love to earn with Swagbucks.

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