The technology evolution has grown rapidly in the past few years. Back in 2013, the year evolved a few creative inventions which amazed us. The inventions brought more advanced gadgets, high-tech toys, and stuff, mobile phones and a lot more that indeed brought drastic changes and benefits in our daily lives.

We are now in the year 2020, take a look at how predictions have become reality. Back in the 2010's we only think of these predictions but today these are a true thing.

The previous year ended with very good hope for the upcoming technology that may evolve and can be predicted in 2014, tech-savvy people love to know what are the latest upcoming trends and cool ideas. In 2014, this evolution was particularly based upon the upcoming ideas of the year but it is now happening.

Here are top 10 technology predictions and inventions as per tech geek’s insights

1. A Computer That Stores And Processes Data At The Same Time (MemComputing).

The Human Brain is an extraordinary computing standard. None of them exactly know how it works, but the main agenda is that it can store and process data and info at the same time. This is not like the usual computers which store data in the RAM or an HDD and throw it back to the CPU as required by the same.

The con of the convectional computer is that that, it takes time and energy which ultimately results in limitation of its performance (von Neumann Bottleneck). This is the only thing that obstructs a convectional computer to approach the performance of biological ones.

The technology geeks assume, that a computing technology essentially knows as MemComputing will overtake the convectional world of computers.

The ability to store and process data at the same time is a property that is completely new in the convectional world of computing. It is an interesting approach, as MemComputing and it’s huge potential capacitors and conductors consume no energy. This would give birth to energy-efficient computing.

2. Virtual Power And Management.

Most of the geeks have predicted about a mobile application that will allow you to control your home appliances right from your phone.
So, what do we call it? Virtual Power, Virtual Management or Digital Management?

Whatever it might be just categorized, but the main agenda is that it will reduce the need for direct human energy.

The app would just access the heart of the appliances and make it functional with one touch of our phones, open-source Wi-Fi will be the main source of interacting between the appliance and the phone.

The prediction is not so new, as it was predicted back in 2008, but the chances of the evolution of such a great technology are mainly targeted towards 2014, and as 2013 was the year of rapid growth, this year has fall victim to the operation.

3. Internet Changes.

Back in 2008, when connecting a device to the Internet was difficult, but the growing technology has evolved such high potential things that could ease our work.

We will list the Internet Predictions of 2014 into 3 groups:

The vendors would get attracted to work with the common communications platform, by advanced commercial deals like AlSeen through which devices can pass data and information readily along to each other.

One more prediction is that consumers will start to see the more advanced technology of device-to-device communication system as the hardware vendors are producing products which will incorporate smarter means of communication.

The online electronic stores will void using credit and debit cards for their transactions and will integrate Coin or all in one system such as Google Pay, PayPal, Payza and thus smoothing friction for future transactions.

4. Holographic Interfaces.

The US is thinking wide to launch a holographic interface this year, as there is a high demand for this interface, in the whole world. People seeing this interface have an overwhelmingly positive impact.

What are Holographic Interfaces?

A Holographic interface is actually a touch less input computing method, through which you can control the imaginary interface and reach out to floating images without literally touching it. Popular movies such as Iron Man, Avengers, and Avatar have already shown us the demo of this amazing touch experience.

Computing experts say that “This technology will lead to the evolution of the Touch World”

The USA is actively taking part and trying it’s best to make this invention possible and launch it by the end of this year. This kind of evolution will actually save time and will replace the old computing systems.

5. High Definition and High Tech TV’s.

2014 will bring great innovation to the television industry. As already promised by the TV industry that they will bring high definition displays, excellent colors with retina display and a modern UI that will give a user-friendly and amazing viewing experience.

Apple Inc is also thinking to bring out its technology to a new step. It is highly predicted that they will also launch an Ultra HD TV with a full set of high tech features and design, essentially great for music, photos, and video streaming.

4K HDTV is also gonna release this year, with its advanced technology of thinner displays and better color accuracy and pixel density.

6. Changes In Gaming Consoles (Xbox One and PS4).

The gaming monsters (Xbox One and PS4) will likely integrate social connectivity between players. New technology will arise which will allow players to compete with equal skills. Players will also have followers and teamwork management to work together and achieve in-game goals.

The newly launched PS4, on November 15th, 2013, will have the ability to track player’s faces and movements for better gaming and more intuitive play.

Better Gaming is the main moto for the gaming consoles, but apart from this, these consoles will allow players to do multitasking management. Like, rather than switching from TV, Gaming, Sports, Culture, they will be able to do all these at the same time side-by-side or by easily switching over and over.

7. More Features In Mobile Devices/iPhones/Tablets/iPods.

There is a huge expectation in mobile devices and tablets this year. It is predicted to have more features, security, and functionality in the upcoming mobile technologies this year. This anticipated that there will be a development of biometric technology for security maintenance, a more reliable and efficient media player. digital image focusing products, improved functionality of sensors and cameras.

8. More Accurate and Intuitive Search Results (Personal Assistant).

Google’s new approach to Google Now and that of Apple’s Siri has changed the search world.

Both have taken steps to provide the most relevant search results for user queries. In 2014, Web search engines will lose their impact as now, personal assistants work better than them. You can ask a personal assistant to set up an alarm to wake him/her up in a specified time, further the assistant can combine the search queries and shows the best relevant result. It is great for searching places, checking whether, setting up tasks and reminders. Assistants make our work easy and intuitive.

9. Technical Advancement In Smart Watches (Google Watch).

In the new era of technology, smartwatches are also actively taking part in the evolution of advanced stuff. We are going so lazy, that we now need more efficient and small stuff to maintain our social and economic work. Rather than taking out our smartphone or tablet, we can get social media updates, news, emails by glancing right at our watch.

For 2014, predictions are made that Google will release its smartwatch. It is also rumored that the device will integrate with Google Now, and thus provide the best and most relevant results when and where we want it.

Smartwatches are going to be even smarter as they will include a feature that can learn what news and updates we usually search for and what is important for us, responding more accurately with voice controls.

These devices will only succeed, if they offer us something that our smartphone can’t, further they should have intuitive notifications, and the ability to learn our taste of search and provide information which is relevant. It is an interesting approach, let us keep an eye out for the Google Watch to launch.

10. Apple TouchID

Geeks also predict that after the evolution of the fingerprint scanner in the revolutionary new 5s is gonna open the doors for creating a more secure product by Apple.

Well, currently the technology is limited, the TouchId by Apple can only be used for unlocking iPhone and making purchases in the App Store or iTunes. Prediction says that Apple will soon integrate this feature in all its products soon. The TouchId is gonna be integrated into the Mac Book by the end of this year.

TouchId will be also used for other purposes such as home security systems, password software, and payment systems.

Final Words

All these evolutions are actually predictions that are based upon technology and are predicted by the technology geeks and tech-savvy people. There are 90% chances that these predictions will actually become true and the inventions will be carried out and released by the end of this year.

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