Back in the days of the nokia “smartphones”, when touch screens were a rare sight and internet was not very heavily used, most of the kids had one dream and one dream only, to own a PSP. The system they had seen in their friend's or cousin's hands.

Although the PS2 was a already a successful console by then, kids were more interested in simply playing a game and cared more about portability than gameplay (the PS2 has better gameplay than the PSP).

PSP discontinued their market first in Japan and then globally.

But why are we focusing on the PSP in an age of super-powerful smartphones and 8th generation gaming consoles?

Two reasons:

1. The PSP is a legendary handheld system.

2. This legend is now dead.

That’s right. Sony has shut down manufacturing for the PSP. Also, software updates and support. You’ll still get service for your PSP, and if it is still in warranty, you’ll get all the services you expect.

But why has Sony shut down such a successful gaming system? It can, after all, connect to the PlayStation Store, PSN, use Wifi, has online multiplayer, and also Game Sharing in ad-hoc mode!

Also, it has a huge collection of games, at a very affordable price! It also plays music, videos and can store photos! It also sold 76 million pieces over a period of 10 years.

So why did Sony kill off a legend? What was wrong with this picture?

In short: To save the PS Vita.

The PS vita hasn’t been selling very well and is facing stiff competition from the 3DS and the old PSP. Sony is trying hard to push vita sales, and the remote play feature of the PlayStation 4 was one such idea.

The PSP was introduced in 2004 and is one of the best selling gaming handhelds. The PS2 dominated the 2000’s consoles era, the PSP, the handhelds. And believe it or not, PSP sales are still going strong, and as news of this “shut down” reaches the general public, you may see a large demand for the PSP units that have already been shipped.

True, this is not the era in which a PSP may be called a smart buy.

But not all kids(6-10 yr average) can play hardcore games like Call of Duty or Watch_Dogs, and their parents wanna keep them away from mobile phones.

The PS vita is somewhat expensive(a 12gb PS3 costs less) and not something kids can handle responsibly. The PSP serves as the only viable source of entertainment for the smaller kids, and as the last of the PSP’s is sold, many kids will be crying (LOUD). So what should Sony do to keep its little fans happy (and quiet).

They’ll have to make the vita cheaper, like MUCH cheaper. Because, most teens and adults would go for a PlayStation 4 or a PS3 rather than a vita, which leaves the vita to be owned by gamers-in-the-making.

This actually sounds good. If the vita was available at a lesser price, I wouldn’t mind buying one.

After all, we can now play the PSP games in your smartphone using a emulator.

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