Android Developer Options includes many unique features and functions that you would not find by default. Developer Mode is a hidden list of features and not necessary for every android user. It does not show directly in the setting, a trick is required to enable Developer options.

A little trick is required to expose all Android hidden features, few are very cool and awesome android tricks.

So why developer options are different from regular options, the reason is that only an Android developer or true geeky person can understand these features in a full manner.

Developer options are for users who have deep knowledge about the Android system. Somehow you can even understand and explore this by yourself. These small functions can change the way of using an Android smartphone.

Some Developer options can be used for critical operations. The Android operating system is much more customizable than we think. Now let's begin to explore some of the best android hidden features.

How to Enable Developer Options

For stock Android smartphones.

Turn on "Developer Options" by going to About phone > Tab on "Build number" again and again until a pop-up message appears "You are few steps away from being a developer".

Enable Developer Mode on Xiaomi mobile phones.

Some unique features under Android Developer options

1. Show Touches

You can turn on this option to show touches, a rounded curser begins to show. It works on any android phone.

Enable this feature just by going to:-

Setting > About Phone > Developer options.

it shows you a small rounded pointer, whenever you touch the mobile screen it will be shown.

It may be very useful if you want to record a video of a mobile screen. Simple feature but effective for screen recording.

if you are making a video of the Android screen, this is a very useful tool to help others understand.

2. USB Debugging Mode

This option is used when you want to transfer or view your photos, mass storage, or videos in your computer system. A USB is required to work with this tool.

It is not only limited to do storage exchange operations but developers can install rom files from a computer, all it needs to set up USB debugging options.

You can also install different Android software/rom from the computer by USB debugging. For rooted Android smartphones, it is highly recommended to switch on USB debugging.

Turn on or off, this option is available under the Developer Options.

Tip - Always enable this option if you have rooted your smartphone. Android OS software may get corrupted easily by third-party virus or apps (Rooted phone). If already turned on, you can fix the smartphone using the computer.

3. Window Animation Scale

By using this feature you can do a fun thing with your Android device. It can delay animation scale time and whenever you open anything it shows beautiful animations of the surrounding screen.

To know more about this function

Open Setting > Go to developer options > Set windows animation scale 2x or 5x or 10 x or anything else.

windows animation scale

4. Don't keep activities

To enable this:-

Go-to Settings > Developer Mode > Turn on Don't Keep Activities.

This feature will automatically destroy any background activities. Few apps or games start to run without any permission in the background and consume more Ram and battery, but by enabling this option killing those applications is easy and becomes automated.

Some apps always keep running even when not in use and slow down a phone/drain battery power.

It destroys activities related to background apps and controls ram consuming activities. Smartphone performance and battery life can be increased.

5. Show Layout Margins

This feature can be used to show the margin of outlines of apps and everything else on the mobile screen.

This feature is not much useful.

It shows margin boxes of the texts, apps, and anything on the screen. You can try this to fix small and large text, app logo sizes, etc.

Under Developer Options > Enable show layout bounds.

Several Android smartphone users don't know about all developer options. It is the best way to know more about the Android system.

Finding developer mode features is easy in almost every smartphone, do check yours

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