Android is one of the largest used operating systems in the world in mobile phones. Actually, It is powered by the search engine company Google, and everyone is familiar with that.

Do you know that android is highly customization and there are lots of features that we still don't use on a daily basis?

Actually, 70-80% of android phone users don't know these features.
Many of us still don't know some secret features and function of the Android OS, it is now time to unveil some of them.

Here you gonna learn about some features that are needed in many situations. This lead to exploring more about android.

1. One Hand Mode

The feature is available in the new android OS, works in above OS v5.0 and up, by this feature you can easily fit the mobile screen to One Hand Mode functioning.

If a smartphone screen size is large then you can easily enable this feature to use mobile-only with one hand.

Enable One Hand Mode on Android-

Go to Settings > Other settings> one hand mode (For stock Android).

Goto setting and search for 'One Hand Mode' (For other brands such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo, Motorola, etc.).

2. Charge Other Phone Using OTG

Have you ever thought to charge another Android smartphone using a smartphone, just by using your own device. Yes, It is very possible by using an OTG cable.

Here what you need to do in order to charge other phones.

plug in the OTG cable in an Android phone.

Now plug other ends of the OTG cable to another phone, it will automatically start working and low battery power smartphone will start charging with charged battery power.

It's just like using a power bank.

3. Dual App

If you are wondering to use two WhatsApp in a single Android smartphone then it can be done by default/or by simple any third-party app.

Some Android smartphone brands such as Xiaomi and Samsung have preloaded feature, by which cloning an app is easy.

Don't have this feature then download any app from Google Play Store. Easily create a clone of an android app and use it for other purposes.

Download the app called Parallel Space to enable dual app feature in any mobile phone.

4. Cast Mobile Screen

Casting a smartphone's screen is much easier then we think.

Today, many of us have a Smart TV at home, Now its time to play games and watch Youtube videos on a bigger screen.

This feature is inbuilt and comes in almost all smartphones. With Wireless display features, lots of things could be done.

Play high graphics android games and use a mobile as a controller. Watch movies and Youtube videos.

A TV must have Wifi on it otherwise this feature may not work. Most of the LED, QLED, OLED TVs have WiFi.

Look for this option in the notification bar.

Cast Mobile Screen Android

5. Magnification

This tool can be used to directly zoom in/out mobile phone screen, the user does not need any third-party app.

With the magnification tool, it helps in various ways.

To enable the Mobile screen zoom feature.

Open Settings > Accessibility > magnification (On/Off)

Magnification android phone

6. Gesture

Gesture mode android

Want quick access to the desired app even without unlocking a smartphone, this can be done by using the Gestures feature.

It is available in all smartphones and you can simply access any android app just by writing a single character, Normally A To Z characters are used for Gesture mode.

To enable this feature in your android smartphone.

Open Settings > About > Gestures > Setup Gesture

Example, how it works.

quick gesture Android

Above setting's option to enable or disable feature are only for stock Android smartphones, different phones have different settings.