Note - Do not use Honeygain. If you are asking, why, then see the update below.

Thousands of apps are available at the moment to make money, but today you will know about a service that is available on many platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and others.

It is quite a different method to earn online, there are no such things as tasks, surveys, clicks, etc. It is a passive method.

By using this app you gonna share your unused internet traffic with data scientists, in this way they will use your internet and you will earn for that work. This is the working model of Honey Gain.

With HoneyGain, you can earn money by sitting at home. As we know it is not common to earn money online, but still, it can help you.

The way to earn money from this application is slightly different than others. In this you will need internet, HoneyGain app gives you some points in exchange for using your internet which we can redeem as cash.

This is dependent on the internet. Suppose you have an unlimited internet plan and you are not able to use the entire internet, then with the help of this app you can also use unused internet and earn money from it in return.

Proof of earnings, an image from the app dashboard.

Making money from this app can be a bit difficult but it definitely works. This is not a scam and the more devices you use, the more money you can earn.

But this app is also not much beneficial, it is only for those who have a lot of unused internets.

Many people do not like this app because it gives very little honey (points), and it can also consume your battery because you have to keep the HoneyGain app running continuously only then it can use your internet to convert into points.

Its minimum payout is $20, which you can earn easily in 1 week. For example, you will get $5 in advance, you will have to earn the remaining $ 15 yourself. Then transfer the money to your bank with the help of Paypal.

Reviewed by InMyPad on Jan 24, 2020
Rating: 2.5

The main problem with the honeygain app is that a user needs to spend his internet data that is actually costly if we compare it with our internet plan and in return, they only give them back a few cents.

There are many reviews and most of them have positive reviews. But it can be only decided by oneself.

Reward programs are of many types and the reality is that many people just want money but not all these types of rewarding program work.

Update (jan 24, 2021) - Please do not use this app, now they will do what they want, here is a glimpse of the transaction history. You can see that they are expiring points without any proper reasons. Even if you have collected lots of points from time to time, you may never get cash out. Don't waste your time, thank you.