Addicted to YouTube, yeah probably, because it is the best video sharing platform in the world.

If you regularly use YouTube and aware of these types of online tricks, then it can help you on a regular basis. By these small tricks, you can easily save YouTube videos directly to your SD card/Hard drive.

On the internet, there are various websites and apps available but they all are full of ads and redirects, so we have picked up a few nice working methods.

Youtube already added the feature to offline videos with one click, anyone can save YouTube videos to watch it offline without internet. But not all type of videos gets offline such as Music, Movies and premium videos on YouTube.

Below are the verified methods to instantly save videos in a hard drive, no software/app required. Here are some of the best working methods to save videos quickly even in full HD quality.

When we watch videos online we want it to keep with us offline forever. You can use various methods, so below are the ways to download YouTube videos, convert into Mp3 or MP4 or directly download to smartphone storage.

Method 1

Copy YouTube video link and retype it with pwn, add pwn before


Only add pwn before YouTube and go for the URL. The landing page will show many options to save a video.

Method 2 website helps anyone to download YouTube videos even in full HD.

Users will need to paste YouTube video link and it automatically shows different formats to download a video. Save the file as mp3.

Copy the YouTube video URL and add ss before

Here is a quick example of how to download a video.

Example -

Original URL -

Edited URL-

Method 3

If the above methods don't work for you then try this one.

Add pp after YouTube in the video URL.

Example -

YouTube is a very popular website globally. We always use YouTube to watch the video. so you can also download YouTube videos with just a click using the above methods.

Youtube, for exploring quality videos is awesome. So why not save it to hard disk for watching it later. There are thousands of services available to download videos from Youtube.


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