So you came here thinking Play Station 2 video games are playable on mobile phones, actually, you are in the right place. As in the year 2021, we have more powerful android smartphones than ever.

We gonna know more about running Sony PS 2 games on android. Sorry iPhone users currently there is no emulator available for iOS.

As before, mobile phones do not come with a fast processor and GPU, but today's smartphone with the latest Snapdragon processors e.g. Oneplus 7, Oneplus 8, Samsung S series, and many other smartphones are capable of running play station 2 games. We already know that Sony PlayStation is a much-loved console in comparison to other gaming consoles.

Finally! After years, an app developer made an emulator app that is capable of running PS2 files on Android. 

Many newbies are asking questions about playing PS2 games on android, the only answer is yes. Anybody can run Play Station 2 video games on Android phones using the app called Damonps2.

If you own a flagship device then before downloading a big sized game, check the bios file, check FPS on YouTube. If you are satisfied with the speed then download the game bios file from any rom provider. PS2 bios game files are also known as ROM, it is formatted as .ISO.

Damon Ps2 Emulator

At first, it is only a dream to play ps2 games on our pocket smartphone, but now as the technology got crazy, we have encountered few smartphones that are truly capable of running most of the PS2 games.

Recently, various videos are uploaded on Youtube stating "how to play PS2 games on Android" but happily, it is possible and sadly, not all phones are capable of this.

According to some analysts, only high-end android devices are capable of gaining 100% speed. Game speed is dependent on FPS. Normally, the maximum FPS (Frame rate per second) a game can gain is 60 fps. If you find that ps2 games are running at 60 fps on your mobile phone then it will run 100% smoothly.

Now some people, still don't know that FPS depends on your smartphone's GPU (Graphics) and processing speed.

Otherwise, you can also play PSP video games using an emulator (It also works for iOS ). But PS2, it is not so easy. Ok, guys, now if you have already purchased a new smartphone or going to buy one, if the budget is high. A flagship-level device is required.

The best emulator for android is the Damon PS2 emulator. It runs almost all games very smoothly. If you are searching for the best PS2 emulator then Damon ps2 is your solution, currently.

In the future, maybe, different types of emu will get released for android and even for iOS. 

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, iPhones have better processors and graphics than an android phone. iPhone users have to wait for a PS2 emulator.

Download Damon ps2 emulator (Paid version) for android.

Sorry! But currently, Damon emulator is not free. A free and licensed version could be added soon. 

After installing any emulator, load game bios and enjoy. PS2 video game files are available to download on the internet.

To do so, you will need to get the full bios file of any game such as the god of war, resident evil 4. Select files and start playing instantly using the Damon ps2 emulator app.

If you are going to buy a phone for gaming purposes then it could be best for playing play station 2 video games too. We still doubt that every flagship phone is fully capable of running  PS2 games or not.

Different smartphones have varying power, most of the devices do not support games at full speed, because of this issue, it is still not a big achievement yet.