Xiaomi is the largest selling smartphone company in many Asian countries, mostly in India, China, and Indonesia.

If you are a Xiaomi smartphone user then you might want to know all features of MIUI then it is a good idea.

Quick ball is a small responsive ball that can be used for several functions onscreen, it would help in taking screenshots, lock screen, show minimized applications, and many other general features. 

It provides access to simple features that are very helpful if required.

The user can change or add several types of other vital Android functions within Quick Ball, do multiple things on Android simultaneously.

Enable Quick Ball

  1. Open settings and click on Addition settings.
  2. You will see a list of options under the Addition setting section, just turn on the Quick Ball.
  3. Now you can see a transparent round ball on your smartphone's screen.

You can hold the 'Quick Ball' to navigate it accordingly anywhere and it is fully responsive.

This feature is the same as on iPhone, currently, it is not available for all smartphones (Only Xiaomi/Mi). There are several more unique features that come with MIUI ROM.

By default, this feature doesn't come with other brands e.g. Samsung, Nokia, realme, moto, oppo, vivo, etc. Probably, you may need a third-party app to do so.

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