Android is the largest used operating system. It also has lots of tricks and tweaks that most people don't know about.

There are several types of issues that you may have encountered or will in day-to-day life with mobile phones.

After all, the common issue among us is forgotten Android pin/lock. People who don't know much about the android struggle the most to fix this issue on their own.

Now, you can find here a simple trick that will crack your password. This can be done to unlock a password or pattern if you urgently want to access your phone.

We might get stuck in situations that are actually very easy to fix, by this method you can unlock patterns for android smartphones.

Pattern lock is the easiest way that we use to secure our mobile phones.

Unlock pattern without USB debugging or computer, that means without the help of any external device you can remove pin or pattern using the mobile phone.

Could work for LG, Xiaomi (Redmi, mi, poco), Motorola, Vivo, Oppo, Nokia, Realme, etc.

Forgot the pattern or pin code of your android device and now the phone is no more accessible. After the mobile phone is completely locked, you may have several options to access, such as Google account, computer (USB debugging required), and the popular Android hard reset method.

We gonna follow the hard reset method

Sometimes primary options to unlock pattern lock might not work because of loss of internet connection, or some other issues. Hard reset is a quick and easy method, but the problem is, you will lose data files.

If you have forgotten an android phone password or pattern, you can follow this simple trick to unlock the android phone at home.

Note - There is no guarantee that this method will work. As smartphones are getting updated regularly, several things are changing too. Just give it a try, if it works, that good.

Unlock Android Pattern for Mi, Motorola, Vivo, Oppo, LG, and More

  • First, switch off the smartphone.

  • Now hold the Home + Volume Down Button for 3 to 6 seconds simultaneously.

  • If this doesn't work try holding the home + volume Up button together.

  • A menu will appear, check all options carefully.

    Some available options are:-

    Reboot phone
    Factory Data Reset
    Update Package

  • Simply move to the Factory Data Reset option and press the Home Button.

    Unlock pattern or pin hard reset

    (Use Volume buttons for up and down, home button for confirmation.)

  • Your phone will be reset within few minutes, after successfully resetting the smartphone go to Reboot Now.

  • For Nokia Phones - Press the volume up key and the power button simultaneously ( 30 seconds). Then choose the required action you want from the root menu, To unlock pattern/pin for Nokia smartphone “Wipe data/factory reset”.

    You can now do anything with the Android device because it is no more locked. The phone will turn on without requiring a pattern or pin.

    This method is called a hard reset. Alternatively, You can even unlock your Android just by using the Google account, if your phone is locked or you have forgotten the pattern/pin then the Google account is very helpful, you won't lose any data.

    The hard reset method might not work for several Samsung phones.

    Many people pay money to unlock the android phone, it might charge you about Rs. 200-300 or Up to $3, in some cases 10 to 15$. This is a good option if you don't want to waste money.

    By using this method you have to sacrifice installed apps, phone data, all internal storage contents.

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    Note - This trick may not work on some high-end smartphones and few other brands. Check yourself and try with caution. This process will erase all data of your mobile phone including photos, videos, messages, and everything. Make sure about 50% battery power is present at the time of factory reset.

    The factory reset method is currently not checked on Samsung and OnePlus.

    There is no pattern unlock bypass trick and you may lose your data by using the above method. Use this trick only if you really have forgotten the pattern or pin.