Apple is already ruling the smartphone market by making its iPhone series better from time to time and people who own one knows what is the power of an iPhone. They love to use these smartphones, still, many people around the world hate Apple. 

Of course, there are lots of terrible things Apple has done, but iphoners are iphoners.

Actually, no one can fully compare an Apple iPhone with an Android phone. They are much different.

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone then you may be interested in knowing more about iPhones. Below are the 5 reasons why Apple iPhones are better than Android smartphones.

Today, almost every individual has an android smartphone and android smartphones are capable of handling daily needs and also a good entertainment source.

Android smartphones are very affordable, but if your budget is high then there are hundreds of reasons to go with iPhones.

Apple introduced its first iPhone smartphone in the year 2001 and that's where it has gained popularity and became one of the most famous smartphone companies globally.

iPhones are very costly, that's why people can not afford many Apple products.

We still don't know what people think, it has fewer specifications but the price is high. Anyway, iPhones have better performance and good inbuilt quality.

5 Reasons Why iPhones Are Better Than Android

1. Performance

Apple makes its own processor, the latest processor is one of the fastest chips in the world.

Most of the time when a new device has to be released, integrated with an upgraded motherboard (GPU+CPU), such examples are Apple's A11, A12, and the latest one is A13 that comes in iPhone 11 pro. Probably, A14 soon.

According to the GeekBench's analysis, the iPhone 7's chip is still faster than the new mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon series. This is also true that iPhones are fast and get slower with time but still, these smartphones have more craze.

Released in 2019, The A13 bionic chip is the fastest smartphone chip in the world that makes the iPhone 11 pro the fastest smartphone.

2. Security

There is no match of iPhone security, your Apple ID is the account to access apple all services like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, etc.

Apple iCloud includes an email address and password. As security is too high in an iPhone, If the phone is stolen or lost then no one can break its password or iCloud account. It is hardly possible to bypass Apple security without an original email and password.

Recently, I have found a lost iPhone 5 but still after 4 months of keeping it, I can't break the iCloud account. Some hackers claimed that iPhones can be unlockable by paying a one-time high fee, but I still don't believe them.

iPhone Security, that's one of the best things that makes an iPhone different from Android.

3. The iOS Operating System

Apple iOS is best known for its quality and random features. Its simple design and all iPhones run on the iOS platform. These phones are also very hard to hack in comparison with other operating systems.

Users can get updates quickly and every new system update could come with hundreds of new features or tools. 

Android OS has more features and apps for free use, But for security reasons, iOS wins over Android. Some people are claiming that iOS is easy to use and provides a fast experience.

Maybe, iOS is made focusing on what people really need.

That's true, iPhone OS customization is very hard and not possible without jailbreaking. On the other hand, you can do lots of customizations on your android phone.

4. Quality and Design

Again an iPhone wins here because it has very good graphics and quality that a smartphone deserves. Both in-built and body quality are awesome.

Slim and catchy design and regular smartphone size are what make these a real smartphone.

The metal body and furnishing are just awesome and give you a loyal feeling.

If you are using an iPhone then you may know about the quality and graphics of an iPhone. It really deserves what it should be, the other thing about the iPhone apps, that almost all apps are malware-free and better designed.

Mostly, designs are simple, quite smaller, and have a professional look.

The only issue many customers have is the price, which is always too expensive.

The picture and display quality are good as well, based on the Apple chipset. Actually, all iPhones have the best graphical quality because of the retina display and integrated GPU.

5. Unique Features

They always try to bring the best features for their new smartphone and they actually did this.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 /+ have wireless charging and various new added features. Apple pay, 3D touch, Animojis, Siri, Universal Clipboard, App Extensions are the best random features of iPhones. 

There could be lots of random tools under the settings that can't be specified here. After all, few are impressive.

Also, Siri is one of the useful assistant features that Apple has ever discovered. It is very similar to an artificial friend and has unique functions, you know, just like Google voice assistant.