Cloud Drive

Are you searching of an easy and secure way to store your important data and files then we are going to learn about a cloud drive platform called Mega (visit

We might be using Google drive for years but it doesn't fulfill all requirements.

There are thousands of cloud drive services running on the internet but finding the best one is not an easy task. Some popular platforms are Dropbox, Google Drive, and Onedrive.

Mega Cloud Storage Service

With, you can store all types of files real quickly. And as a registered user 50 GB of cloud storage will be given. That's a lot of space and you can upload files such as doc, images, videos, game files, etc.

Mega Account 


Mega is a user encrypted cloud service and it is highly secured in comparison to other alternatives.

With end to end encryption Mega provides better service and trust to users. It doesn't store your password and a key will be given to you that can be used to access the user account. Two factor authentication is also provided.

Note - If you loose the password then you will not be able to your data anymore. Remember to store the recovery key.

I prefer Mega over other platform because you will get premium features. You can even easily transfer files with friends. It comes with high end security without any ads.

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