These God of War Video Games Are Legendary That You Can Actually Play On a Smartphone. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, ipad, laptop, or windows PC.

Its all possible by emulators.

Many of us may be wondering to run high-level games on a smartphone. Android game sucks.

We also know that a few years back we don't have any way to play PSP games on our mobile phone but things have changed and now most of the mobile phones are capable to run PSP games.

You know it's true and we are talking about the PPSSPP emulator. It is available to download for free for both Android and iOS.

Today, we are discussing the most popular game of all time the God Of War.

There are two video games of God Of War that were released on the PSP platform, which means we can play the legendary video game on a smartphone too.

Both the games represent the story after related to the original God of War.

God of war Ghost of Sparta

Most of us grew up playing God of War, yes almost all kids said that they love the GOW video games series on Sony ps2. It has a powerful story, high graphics, emotional scenes, epic fights and really no one can take place of GOW.

If you have a smartphone you can actually play the super hit God of War series. It doesn't matter which phone you have, Android or iPhone.

As I have said earlier there are only 2 GOW video games, God of War - Ghost of Sparta and God of War - Chains of Olympus. These two are the highly-rated epic PSP games to play.

god of war chains of olympus

Will there be more of God of War games for ppsspp in the future?

There will be no games to be released for PPSSPP because the Sony PSP was discontinued. This means Sony is not going to make a future sequel for God Of War for the Play Station Portable.