In the world of technology, Android is one of the largest used mobile phone operating

We all own a smartphone, but with time, you can face many types of small speed-related issues. To fix these quickly, we must know tricks and tips to speed up a mobile phone and this way battery power could also be saved. This can be done by anyone. You don't even need to have deep technical knowledge.

There are several things possible with an Android device. If you feel that your smartphone is getting slower, there could be several reasons for this and we can actually easily fix them.

These types of speed issues make us angry and irritating. To avoid these problems and to speed up your phone without using any special app we have come up with few powerful ways.

Here are some basic tips to speed up an Android smartphone. If you own a low spec smartphone, the problem is common, devices with low ram and processing power are not able to handle big tasks and you may face lagging issues.

1. Clean Ram

The best way to speed up an Android mobile phone is to clear the ram.

Clear the ram and kill all the internal and background tasks. Auto processing apps could be slowing down your device.

Clean RAM from time to time, it can keep the mobile phone in good condition and you won't see any hang and lag. This is a temporary solution.

There are many free apps available on the google play store to do this work. Use an auto ram cleaner app to kill unwanted processing tasks.

Some smartphones are better optimized for ram and even with a limited ram memory, they are capable of running several apps and games simultaneously.

Do also check for the ram clear app that might be pre-installed on your device. This is the best option.

2. Uninstall Useless Apps/Games

We may install apps and games to use them but after a certain time, we do not use them and actually forgets to remove them. So, try to uninstall unwanted and useless apps from your phone. 

It may be taking more ram and slowing down a device regularly. 

If you are not using android apps that are installed then uninstall them because it will only take the device power and keep consuming more ram. This way battery backup can be increased.

Note that, unwanted apps are the main reason that consumes more storage and ram. This means, if you have installed a lot of unnecessary apps these will take ram, battery, storage, and many problems that may occur.

Users will get benefited by uninstalling unnecessary apps and games.

3. Check Auto Running Apps

We may never use this feature but this could be very useful. Yes, many apps automatically start and keep running in the background.

Some apps automatically start running in the background and slow down the phone and consume battery power. So this is the best step to save battery and speeding up your smartphone.

To check that if you have turned on auto running for specific apps. check that in Settings > Apps > Find the Auto running option.

Alternatively, you can turn on the battery optimization feature.

Go to Settings > Apps > Battery > Battery optimization.

If you choose an app to be optimized then it would not use battery and ram in the background.

Few Stock installed apps also have the auto-run feature turned on by default. And they will automatically start running, check for that also.

4. Optimization Settings

Almost all smartphones come with pre-installed applications that can not be removed by ourselves. So, we can easily disable them.

There are few cool settings that an android smartphone provides, and after new software updates, several features will also be added to optimize a device efficiently.

Force stop pre-installed apps -

Go to settings > Apps > Search for any preinstalled app > Force stop/Disable.

App settings

Battery Manager - By using this feature the smartphone can easily handle running tasks. It will restrict apps to consume battery.

Open Settings > Battery > Battery Manager > Enable the option (Manage apps automatically)

Android battery manager

There are also many optimization methods available for Android smartphones.

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