Ever thought of these unnecessary, actually, impossible questions that a modern mobile phone capable of running Sony play station 3 video games? This kinda stupid because we already knew that even the latest Intel i9 processor is not capable to keep 50-60 fps.

Actually, it is mainly depends on the system, if a video game is made for a specific OS/device then it may run without any issues.

We can take an example, if you run the PS2 version of GTA SA on a smartphone using an emulator then it won't run at full speed, in other condition, if we play the Android version of GTA SA on smartphone then it will work just fine. This is not true, but, somehow, it has been seen.

So, this means even thinking of that seems impossible for now. It is possible to play PS3 games on a gaming PC/laptop. Even, thinking of playing ps3 video games on an Android/iOS smartphone is a pure joke.

A Play Station 3 console is the right choice to enjoy gaming, similarly, Sony ps4 and ps5.

PS3 emulator may never get release for mobile phones, we have seen Play Station 2 games running smoothly on many flagship smartphones but this may not be true with Sony PS3 currently.

Ps3 android iOS emulator

Many gamers are asking if there is any way in the future, but I sure, this will never gonna happen.

Why people are assuming things that are not even possible, we do not know that.

Why you want to play PS3 games on a smartphone when we can play similar games on Pc. There are hundreds of top video games available for Pc. But using PS3 emulator on Pc, Even today's generation intel i9 processor is not capable of that.

In the true manner, nobody would like to play these games on a smartphone. On the other hand, we are not even guaranteed because future mobile processes and graphics may achieve it. Playing PS3 video games on Android/iOS could be worthless, may not be that enjoyable.

Talking about the emulator, currently, no emulator is made that is capable of running these games. (Surprisingly, a PS3 emulator is out for PC).

Another biggest factor that makes this task impossible for now is size, PS3 games are too large in size. Size effect both on processing speed and graphics. GTA V is about 36 GB in size and on PS4 it's size doubled. Until now, no smartphone is made that can run the game.

We have seen a PS2 emulator for mobile phones but for 5-10 years from 2020, we are not gonna see any PS3 emulator.

Buying a console or playing the most popular games on pc/console is much enjoyable. Real gamers would never want to play console games on a smartphone.