The Internet is so vast and big that we can easily miss many kinds of cool stuff, that you have been searching for.

As of today, we have lots of amazing and unique websites that could kill our boring time and are even fun at the same time.

You may get amazed to see that what could possible now with the internet.

Find Cool and amazing websites, some provide cool stuff or some provide an online way to explore things that we couldn't do in the past. From funny content to photo editing, you can find superb sites. Explore the hidden world of the internet.

The internet is filled with amazing things and stuff, because of its vastness, we might not find several types of amazing content and informational sites.

Daily thousands of new websites emerge and a lot of them come up with content that we don't know about.

If you are looking to kill your time then it's time to do this. You can find different types of unique websites that are described below, a few are very cool and some will provide you online tools such as photo editing or online windows and others.

Some below sites may amaze you as finding cool stuff out takes time.

Below is the list of sites you may have never knew existed, rated from the top position.

For Fun and Timepass


Clever Bot AI chatting

Bored at home, want to timepass with someone then this site could help you.

Cleverbot is actually an artificial intelligence programmed site where you can chat with robots (Internet bots). It is not an ordinary artificial intelligence site, but it can also learn from other peoples.

Fun thing is that you may never actually realize it is a bot because from the last time the bots have learned many new things and regular stuff that we do every day.

The bot is also able to chat with someone in its native language. You can try out a few popular languages such as English, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Latin, etc.

This is very similar to chatting with a real person.



You might be aware of this site, 9gag is a fun site where you can share and explore memes, videos, fun stuff, and other cool things.

This is one of the most visited sites globally where you can find memes that are trending globally. You can even choose a specific country to watch local content.

There are a lot of categories available to select from such as funny, anime, gaming, relationship, celebrities, etc.

Here are some of the memes you may like, you can find thousands of funny memes and videos from this site.

For Information and Data


Worldometers is a new site that will provide you information about what happening around the world, counters.

You may know about worldometers because it provides data that is very popular across the world.

It is an international website that will try to list real-time statistics of a few following counts. Examples,

1. World Population - Such as Birth and death live counts.

2. Environmental - Such as Co2 emission, forest loss, etc.

3. Health - Here you can watch live counts of deaths related to diseases, important like coronavirus, Aids, cancer, etc.

As in the coronavirus pandemic, this site gained millions of views and still rising. You can see live stats of corona patients including recovery and death.



Struggling finding customer care mobile numbers or emails, now no more. 

With Gethuman you can get any company's customer service details in no time. 

We might be stuck in several situations where we need to fix our issues as quickly as possible, such as technical and product-related problems. 

All you need to do is go to the search bar and type the company name to reveal its customer service number or email instantly.

If you still find difficulty contacting a company you can also write the issue to Gethuman to get it resolved. This is totally free of charge service. 

Gethuman provides the contact details of thousands of companies. Some are- Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Uber, etc.

For Images 


Free stock images HD

Love surfing the internet, but you may be missing more of it.

With this website, you can search and find millions of high-quality images.

It is very fun to watch images around the globe that are most creative and amazing. Some images will blow your mind, these are photographed by talented persons and photographers.

Find HD images related to people, nature, adventure, cities, animals, etc.

You can get free wallpapers for smartphones or personal computers. All images out there are totally free to use.

Online Softwares

1. Photopea

It is a photo editing site and an alternative to Photoshop. With the help of photopea, you can edit photos similar to other editing software.

The best part is that it gives a lot of tools and features for free to edit an image like a pro. And we can say it an online photoshop software.

So, there is no need to download any type of software or files, just visit choose the desired photo, and start editing instantly.

Using this site on pc is more comfortable than on a smartphone. Also, the best works on the iPad and tablets.

Online photo editor - photopea


We all love songs, and there are millions of songs out there. So what can you do now, actually a lot? 

With this rocking website, you can easily remix songs. It is an online music remixer tool, and there is no need to download any kind of other software.

It can turn music into other genres by adding different cool music. (Dubstep, Drum, Bass, and more).


Online Classic windows operating website where you can use a virtual computer.

This operating system is real and there are tons of things to do similar that we do without personal computers.

Actually, a lot of people don't believe that this is true. But you can check for yourself by visiting the site.

You can find software such as my computer, trollbox, few fun games to play, even there is also a half-life 3 installed that you can even play.

There is also a start button at the bottom of the webpage just like a real computer.

The site is fun and has a classic PC view. You can even run the Windows93 site on smartphones, explore and learn windows or play pre-installed games.

Windows 93