Hello folks, we everyone use Wi-Fi but do you know that there are various security and privacy issues that are related while using a third-party Wi-Fi connection.

Public Wifi security tips

Going for a walk or going out anywhere else we might find a free Wi-Fi signal, actually, we connect and start using the Wi-Fi. It is just like a few good moments, but remember to take few precautions while using a free Wi-Fi signal.

Because we don't know about every Wi-Fi connection out there, some people might use them for stealing data and other informations.

Hacking activities are increasing day by day and the detection of an insecure connection is somehow hard.

While using an open public Wifi connection, unwanted data transmission is the main security-related issue. We can say that protecting data transmission is a technical work, actually, it can be done easily even without an expert.

Many unsecured Wi-Fi connections can also damage your phone, tablet or other devices. It can have many factors.

Keeping some precautions in mind, we could be safe. Let's know about some tools and tips, described below.

Use an Anti-virus Tool

Whether you have a laptop or mobile phone you can easily use any an antivirus application to secure your device.

If you are using an android smartphone then you can download antivirus applications from Google Play Store, there are a lot of applications out there that are free.

Whenever you find an insecure Wi-Fi connection, a trusted anti-virus tool can help you determine whether to use it or not by analyzing it.

Check If The Wi-Fi Connection Is Slow

If you have connected to an open Wi-Fi connection and if it is providing very slow internet speed or troubling signing in or surfing the web then it might be not a secure connection.

This can happen if someone has tampered with the router or has changed something in it. If you get this kind of open wifi signal, then logout from there immediately.

Personal Information

Do You know that many times WiFi can also be used for stealing personal information? This is rare but anyone can fall prey to it.

If you use public wifi, then avoid visiting such websites where you have to enter your personal information. Most of the sites may ask for your bank account details, permanent address, mobile number, and personal ID number. Avoid input such pieces of information when using a public WiFi connection.

Many times hackers can use a Wi-Fi connection to steal your password and some other private data.

Use a VPN

VPN - Virtual Private Network

You might be thinking that what is the connection between a VPN and an open Wifi but there are several security concerns.

A hacker can steal data between you and the router (if unsecured), this is also known as Packet sniffing. Alternatively, someone can also a fake network to steal your data.

As of today, you can easily find a vulnerable WiFi connection.

In this condition using a trusted VPN connection is the secure way to utilize free wifi hotspots. Some VPN is capable of creating an encrypted tunnel between a device and a VPN server.

Check For login pages

The open Wi-Fi connection of railway station, airport, and other government and private places have their own official login page. This is the sign of a secure connection.

In this condition, If you think the connection is insecure then use a VPN server.