Aadhaar is mandatory for every Indian citizen. There are millions and millions of Aadhaar cards and every day thousands of Aadhaar cards are made.

If you are an Indian citizen then you might know the benefits of this service and its importance. As of today, in India, all online forms require you have to submit aadhaar details, even in government and private sectors, aadhaar card is needed for various purposes such as verification.

The main detail is address, when we first apply, specific address details are printed in the back of the card.

But sometimes, if you want to change address information then the online method to change the address is the best way.

To update address online, any one valid document is required such as Passport, bank statement or passbook, post office account statement/passbook, voter ID, driving license, government photo ID card, electricity or water bill,
credit card statements, etc.

Or simply if you don't have any valid document you can still update address details using an 'address validation letter'.

Steps to change or update address details on aadhaar

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI and open the menu.
  • You will see an option My aadhaar
  • Now, click on update your aadhaar.
UIDAI - update aadhaar details online
  • Go through update address in your aadhar.
Update address in your aadhaar
  • Enter required aadhaar card information such as aadhar number / 16 digit Virtual ID.
  • Now continue further small steps such as opt verification and others. After completing all the required steps, you are done.

Requirements (while updating address via document proof)

1. A Mobile number must be linked to your aadhaar for OPT verification.

2. An original scanned document.

3. Address details should be proper and full, before submitting the data, reviewing your entered information is recommended.

Now, you have successfully updated the new address in your aadhaar.

There are several reasons for an individual who wants to change permanent address, the most common is when you moved to a place or city. UIDAI recommends every person to update the correct address.

As before, there are thousands of people who don't know how to update their permanent address in aadhaar and we go to aadhaar card center, where it takes more time and actually offline method is quite old now.

It is totally depends on you how to want to update aadhaar, online, or offline. Updating your aadhaar card information online is a hassle free way.

If you have any type of issue while changing or updating your aadhaar card information then you can find helpful instructions on the official government site.