Google play store stuck on download pending

play store stuck on download pending

While using the Google Play Store to download apps and games, many users are facing an issue where the app or game downloading stuck for a longer time than expected, and finally, you can not install the app. Even after a reboot nothing happen.

You may have not encountered this issue but many android mobile phone users may find this type of small bug and it would take a lot of time to resolve automatically. This is a caching problem.

By the way, we can fix this little problem very easily. Just follow the below quick guide to fix the play store download issue.

When Google play store apps are showing "download pending" message all the time, it may be caused because of cache or corrupt data files.

If you are struggling to download apps from the Play store then here is a guide that will help you. Even after rebooting the device and still, it is happening then this guide would help a lot.

Play store download stucked, follow these easy steps to fix this issue

  1. Go to Settings of your android mobile phone .

  2. Open 'Apps and Notification' or App info option.

  3. Search for Google play store app.

  4. Clear all data including cache and cookies of play store app.

This will instantly fix the "Download Pending" error and now you can continue to install new games or apps without any problem.

There is also an alternative method to fix the play store, which is to update the app to the latest version. Downloading stuck problem can be easily solved in these ways.

Here is one more way to fix these kinds of issues, If all the above methods do not work for you, simply, uninstall the latest version of the play store (Uninstall app updates). And try rebooting the smartphone.

Cache files are mainly responsible for these kinds of issues.

You would come up with different types of problems while using Android apps and this seems easy to solve.

Try this method when the Google play store is showing "download pending" status for a long time.