The Nintendo 3DS  is a handheld game console and is developed by Nintendo. It was first appeared in the market in the year 2011, since then it has gained an enormous amount of sales and also a very popular portable gaming console.

There are lots of Nintendo 3ds best selling games such as Mario Kart 7, Pokémon X and Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Super Mario 3D Land, etc.

After a few years, the citra emulator came, and actually, gamers are happy about that as they can now play a number of popular Nintendo 3ds games on a personal computer.

After that, the citra developer's team released the app on the Android platform and we can now enjoy playing 3ds games on a mobile device.

What is Citra?

Citra emulator

Citra emulator is an android app that is made to play Nintendo 3ds games on android smartphones. Citra is a free and open-source app.

This is an official port of Citra application and can run a lot of 3DS video games smoothly.

It is one of the high-level emulation software and many types of vital features are being added to improve overall performance. To enjoy 3ds games on your pc or android, this app is a great option.

The app is already been downloaded thousands of times for windows, mac, and Linux. And there are a lot of features that make this emulator the best one.

Currently, the app is in development mode as of June 2020 and within a few months, we can see the fully-featured citra app.

Compatible Nintendo 3ds Games

Here are some of the well known and popular 3ds games you can enjoy.

Currently, there is no official statement that all games will run and still, there is no information available which game is playable and which is not.

These games are compatible and working great in pc and currently, there is no guarantee for mobile devices as the Citra mobile emulator is still in development mode.

A high-end smartphone may be required to play 3ds games smoothly, games speed and performance is based on the CPU and GPU of a device.

3D Classics: TwinBee, 3D Super Hang-On, 80'S OVERDRIVE, Super Mario Land, Professor Layton, and the Azran Legacy, FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Mario Kart 7, and so on.

Mario kart 7

Citra Features

The developers are regularly adding new features and stuff to make this app run 3DS games without any limits.

Citra comes with several types of technical tools that will help run games similar to console. Although, you can get all important features with the free version and there is also a paid version that comes with some extra features.

Citra android app features.

  • Compatibility with lots of Nintendo 3DS games
  • Enhanced and rich graphics.
  • Resolution scaling and texture filtering and buffer
  • Support for various built-in Nintendo 3DS features, such as the camera, microphone, and motion controls.
  • Compatible with external gamepads (You can use your own gamepad to play games)
  • Citra Premium - There is also a Citra premium version available along with a free version. With Citra pro, you can unlock many useful and premium features that may increase game performance and speed. It is available as in-app purchase and a user can unlock some cosmetic features, including the dark theme and other texture filtering options.