As in all areas, technology continues to develop wildly in all sectors and this is also making gaming systems and games more fantastic.

Video games

Video games are now more enjoyable than ever, and it is a widespread way of modern entertainment.

Traditional computer games gradually began to be replaced by complicated gaming systems. And with time we can now see how video games have changed.

Although we still can not leave the keyboard mouse duo, people can not stop wondering about the new technologies.

Here are the technologies that will enter our lives in the coming years!or already have.

1. Face Recognition

We know, facial recognition has been around for a long time, but this technology is improving.

New face recognition technologies can follow your mimics in games and react accordingly.

Intel RealSense 3D camera enables the development of games that recognize the face from 78 points.

The game came very hard and you got bored, your facial expression can be understood and the game difficulty can be reduced.

2. Voice Recognition

In addition to recognizing simple commands, detailed voice recognition technology is being developed for new gaming systems.

This system, which can perceive more detailed commands not only for gaming consoles but also in the game, and will have the ability to understand almost everything you speak.

This technology is already available on our today's smartphones.

3. Motion Control

With the new RealSense technology, you will not even need to use a gamepad. Okay, Actually, this is an optional way.

It is possible to play FPS and other games only with hand movements.

The 3D camera can recognize points in your hand and even recognize your finger movements as a control mechanism.

This one is the biggest game-changing technology that almost every gamer loves.

4. Gorgeous Graphics and High Resolution

Red Dead Redemption 2

We see this part as a witness moment by moment, every game coming out becomes more realistic than the previous one.

Let's take an example of rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Both video games are heavily rich in graphics and resolution. In this way, think about what will be the future of gaming?

The realism of the graphics increases exponentially with the resolutions of 4k and above, even the power of the platforms is hard to reach this speed.

Sony Ps5 is one of the biggest examples that will bring better graphics in comparison to the ps4 gaming console and you can even experience the most awaited resolution of the future that is 8k.

5. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality Gaming

VR-powered consoles have not been fully expanded, but their potential continues to be enhanced.

In 2020, we can see a lot of gaming console comes with this technology. And from the previous time, VR technology is greatly increased.

We can see from time to time how much we can have real gaming experiences with VR technology.

6. Augmented Reality

This is different from virtual reality. Remember, VR systems that we see and only see the screen, but augmented reality is a complicated mechanism that has the ability to turn the room or environment in augmented reality into a game.

Let's get those who say nothing will be like the real experience and do not look VR warm!

7. Wearable Gaming Technologies

Wearable technology, watches, glasses, etc. As it evolves with devices, it is inevitably contaminated with the gaming industry.

Obviously, we do not expect such great gaming experiences with this technology, but there will definitely be applications that will entertain us on its own. We eagerly await.

And this technology is already stepped inside the gaming world. Within a few years, we might have responsive gadgets or wearable objects that will control a game even better than our regular gamepads.

8. Mobile Games

Game systems are developing, but let's not forget mobile games, there is a crazy development on smartphones, we know that.

Both more advanced devices and cloud-optimized games continue to break new ground in real-time games.

We also need to understand that all game companies started producing mobile games. Even Blizzard enters the mobile game industry, we do not wait with curiosity.

We can even see old gaming console video games that are being ported to mobile phones and this makes gamers go crazy.

9. Cloud Gaming

We said that cloud technology has improved (Like Google stadia), with this technology, the burden of the games decreases considerably and the memory requirement of the games decreases dramatically.

Cloud technology also reduces server-side limits and enables us to reach all video games online. Let's not forget that there is a technology infrastructure that should not be skipped.

In the future, regular gaming might get replaced by cloud gaming. There are many reasons why gamers are loving it.

In this way, we can play console-level video games on any device and this does not require a minimum requirement to run a game. This way, you can even experience popular video games on a smartphone.

The gaming industry has become one of the most successful businesses in recent years and this makes gaming companies more dedicated to their work and with improvements in technology things that are once imaginable are becoming real.

The game you want when you want it, the technology of playing the game files while streaming is gradually spreading and will soon be valid for many games.

Technology is on the one hand, great software is being written, medical developments are being recorded, on the one hand, our life is accelerating on the other hand, and the fun of the games is increasing exponentially.

Although some developments are scary, do not you wait with curiosity? We leave the answer to you!

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