Smart TvAs technology and tech products are increasing day by day, we can see lots of new devices and now can do too many things that were not possible before.

What about upgrading an old TV with Smart features, this is one of the most asked questions, how you can bring multi-functionality to a normal LED/LCD/HDTV.

Most people don't know about this that, actually, it is very easy to upgrade a TV into a smart Android TV.

Android Support and Media Streaming

Media streaming on Tv

In this way, we can enjoy lots of things that we normally do on mobile phones.

Similarly, you can stream content from YouTube, Netflix, and able to install applications and games from Google Play Store. Screencast your smartphone screen directly to your TV.

Nowadays, there are several brands that are making smart televisions that come with Android TV. Xiaomi, Sony, and Oneplus already introduced these types of TVs.

But, if you already have purchased a TV that doesn't come with Android or Smart tag then you will need a separate device to make your television smart.

What is Android TV?

Here, we are not talking about an Android Tv television, actually, it is all about an operating system just like the Android OS.

The Android TV OS is made by Google and comes with most of the Smart TVs, media streaming, home theatres, and setup box. It is originally adopted from the Android OS and designed to work perfectly for a TV.

Its features are different from a mobile phone Android OS as it is made for TV. Also, not all Google Play store apps and games are supported.

These devices are specially made to support different functionalities along with the Android TV operating system. The latest version is Android TV 9.

Install a Device that supports Android TV OS

Tv boxes and sticks are the perfect way to upgrade your TV with Android capabilities. Not only this, but you can also do many more things on a big screen like playing games, browsing the internet, watching online videos and movies. There are actually hundreds of awesome things an individual can do with the help of these devices.

You can also get many other features such as:-

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Google cast or Chromecast
  • Gaming
  • Install new apps from Google play store.
  • Media streaming such as Amazon Prime and Netflix or any other app.
  • All types of Multimedia files are supported.

And much more.

Devices to Make a TV Smart and Android Supported

Mi TV Box 4K

My tv box

Check Price (India)

This device is one of the best-recommended media streaming devices ever, because of its price and features.

It is made by Xiaomi and a super affordable device and anyone with a low budget can buy this. It is available globally.

MI TV box 4K is powered by an Android TV operating system, 2GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, Chromecast built-in, Cortex A53 quad-core processor, and Mali 450 GPU.

Xiaomi did it right by including few important features, a user can watch movies and shows with 4K support, HDR 10, and Dolby audio.

If your budget is high, then there are several other alternatives but this is the best product if you are looking for high specifications.

Mi TV Stick

Check Price (India).

Mi TV stick is cheaper than the Xiaomi Mi tv box and it is much smaller in size and it can easily fit in your pocket.

Mi TV stick is a powerful device similar to Mi box.

Mi tv stick comes with 1 GB ram, Cortex-A53 qual core processor and Mali 450 GPU.

It is also an affordable product to make your normal TV smart.