Brave is a fantastic web browser and it is getting more and more popularity because of its unique features that most of the internet browsers will not give you.

This browser app is available for mobile devices as well as for personal computer, you can get it for free for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

If you are using Android then you can download it for free from the Google Play Store, similarly, for iOS, you can download it from the app store.

What is Brave Browser

It is a web browser. Brave is very similar to our well-known Google Chrome, however, it comes with some special features that everyone wants.

If you don't want to see advertisements and popups over and over again or any other type of scripts while browsing your favorite websites then this browser is for you.

Brave Browser comes with several features such as script and ad blocker and other security features that will make your web browsing super fast and easy.

Its ad and script blocker is more powerful than most of the ad blockers out there.

Advantages of using Brave browser

There are many many reasons for an individual to use this browser and a lot of advantages such as safe browsing, better protection, fast surfing, script and ad blocker, etc.

In today's world, while surfing the internet, security, and privacy is very important. Most of the sites that we visit contain trackers and script that not only slow down our internet speed but could be used tracing purposes.

Few basic features of Brave

  • Safe and private browsing

  • HTTPs everywhere, for better security.

  • Fast web browsing experience - While browsing, the user can get fast loading speed, it is possible because it removes unwanted and useless things. This will also help to save battery.

  • Brave Rewards - You can contribute to your favorite sites by using BAT (Basic Attention Tokens), it is a type of cryptocurrency, BAT tokens are given to users by Brave.

  • Ad and pop up blocker - Remove all types of advertisements and popups automatically.

These are a few important features, furthermore, with its latest updates, you can expect more features from time to time.

On the mobile app, from the menu, Brave Shield, you can select features to turn on or off.

Brave browser features

Blocking Monitor tells you about the number of ads and trackers, blocked scripts, etc.

From Individual Control, you can select a specific feature to turn off and on.

While visiting a website you can check for Brave Shields.

Brave browser can easily remove harmful scripts and provides safe private browsing experience and that's why, as of 2020, more than 10+ million people are using this.

Download the Brave browser.

Learn more about Brave, watch the official video.

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