Today's TVs come with a variety of functionalities and actually, there are so many things we can do with a Smart/Android TV.

There are several brands of TVs such as Sony, LG, Mi, Samsung, etc which are most popular globally and also comes with a variety of features.

Smart TVs have lots of benefits in comparison to a normal LED tv, additionally, you can also use a separate device just like the Mi tv box to upgrade a TV.

If you own an Android TV or an Android TV box then there might be no issue while connecting a keyboard or mouse, even wired connection is also supported.

If you are a PC owner, then you have a set of mouse and keyboard or may have a wireless one. If required, easily use these on a TV.

Most Android TVs support a wireless keyboard or mouse. There are mainly two ways to connect these to your Android TV, via Bluetooth or USB. It depends on which type of wireless device you have.

For RF keyboard or mouse

Keyboard and mouse combo
Such asĀ Logitech MK215

Simply insert the USB receiver in the USB port. And whether you have a mouse or keyboard, it will connect automatically. Or if required, turn it on manually.

Connecting an RF keyboard to a TV using the Mi Tv box is possible and 100% works.

For Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse

Bluetooth devices are more compatible than others and most Android/smart TVs support external Bluetooth devices.

If your TV has built-in Bluetooth then go to the 'Bluetooth' settings and turn it on. Pair the wireless keyboard and mouse with the TV.

There is no guarantee these two methods will definitely work as different brands have different ways to do that.

Note - It also works for Xiaomi's Mi box 4k. It is an excellent tiny box that has built-in Chromecast, Android TV OS, 2 GB Ram, and 8 GB internal storage. You can simply use a keyboard and mouse for web browsing and gaming purpose.

Bonus Tip - While some android games do support keyboard and mouse, you can enjoy playing games on a big screen just like PC. Sonic, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, and few others are some of them.