Cryptotab browser is a web browser similar to chrome. The extra main feature of this app is mining crypto, currently, only Bitcoin is supported.

Here, we are specially talking about the mobile app of the cryptotab browser. As officially stated, anyone can mine Bitcoin as well as surf the web.

Today, mining cryptocurrencies is a very difficult task and requires special hardware to do that. 

The real truth is mining on mobile phones is not possible, but this app uses an external server for mining and you can see hash rates. 

Cryptotab browser Bitcoin mining
Bitcoin Earnings

There is a free and paid version of this app. Whether you are using the free or paid version, you won't make reasonable Bitcoin by mining.

Is it legit or a scam?

Many people who first hear about this said it is fake but it is actually real.

There are thousands of crypto mining apps on the play store that are banned and if still available, they won't work at all.

Mining Bitcoin using an app seems to be a joke, many people who use it first think It is fake but this is not true.

Yes, this Bitcoin mining app is legit but still not worth your time.

It takes lots of time to just make a $0.01 as Bitcoin. This is meaningless and not worth at all. If you give it a try the whole day, you end up making only a few satoshis (= few cents).

However, Cryptotab came up with their unique solutions and it proves out to be a working thing.

Is it possible to mine Bitcoin using cryptotab

It is real and one of the few working methods for mining coins even on mobile phones. This is one of the only legit and verified ways of mining Bitcoin on phones.

If you are using this browser on the computer, you may know how it works and what are the results. Mining results could be better in comparison to Android phones.

Hardware mining is only supported on PC/Laptop, a high specs PC or laptop works better. It is available on Windows, iOS, Android, other for other platforms.

Should I use the Cryptotab browser

The short is no, and the long answer is "it depends on you".

Anyone can use this web browser to surf the internet such as Facebook, Twitter, and youtube. And on the other hand, you can also make a small amount of Bitcoin.

Specifically, on mobile phones, you should not waste time mining Bitcoins, because you will never see profitable results.

Even if you have the cryptotab browser pro, this won't provide you enough hash rate to mine Bitcoin.

The mobile app can easily give a speed of 200 to 300 h/sec (Server dependent mining), and that is very low and not enough for mining cryptocurrencies. 

Mining btc on mobile

This app is not recommended to use as you won't see any profitable results.