7z, zip, gzip, and so on. These are some common file types that are used for compressing files.

Every format is different. When you use a specific format to compress files, these could be documents, photos, apps, games, videos, and others, the file size of all the selected items will be reduced.

ZIP and RAR are very common. But here we are talking about a few more best-compressing formats that you can create using a smartphone.

We know, there are lots of benefits of creating compressed files. These are easy to share and easy to be copied or moved.

On the internet, for decades, most people are using compressed files for uploading and downloading. With one click, these can be converted back to the original.

You may have known that these kinds of formats work well on a personal computer and it is also very to create them on a PC or laptop.

However, there are also some special android applications available that can do things that were not possible on mobile phones.

You can archive or unarchive any type of file easily.

Compress Files to 7z, Gzip, or Zip Using This Android App

  • Download and install the Zarchiver app, it is a free app.
  • Open it, now you will see all files and folders just like a file manager.
  • Select a folder or a file that needs to be converted in 7z, zip, GZIP, and others.
  • Select the compress option.

  • Choose your desired compressing format (Archive format). Additionally, select other options such as compression level and encryption, if unsure, leave it as it is.

  • Press ok and you are done. Wait for some time while the archive file is being created.