An original Sony Vaio laptop

Many of us have missed one of the best brands of laptops, Vaio. Finally, after many years of its disappearance from the Indian market, it is coming back with a new partner.

Vaio was the original brand of Sony Japan, it was launched in the year 1996. Since then, it had been gaining more and more popularity across the world.

You might know about this PC brand and at that time, it is a very popular laptop brand. There are still millions of customers here in India who love Vaio laptops. Its re-launch is a piece of happy news for all Vaio laptop lovers.

Important Information

  • Vaio laptops to be available on the Indian e-commerce site, Flipkart.
  • It will be launched on January 15, 2021.
  • Nexsto, a Hongkong company is bringing Vaio again to the Indian market.