Toolur is a very simple to use online website that lets you not only convert image files but also helps in reducing image/photo size.

You can find hundreds of image tools online but this one deserves more attention. Well, here, we can not explain all its features.

The Best Online Tool to Resize or Optimize Images

If you see the size of the photos captured by smartphone or digital camera, most people are shocked when they know file sizes. These could be pretty large and probably taking more space than we think.

You might be looking for a way to reduce image size but most of the mobile apps are either paid or worthless.

It is one of the most easiest and trustworthy tools that ever exists.

Moreover, this tool is ad-free and totally free to use for everyone. 

Resize image/photos efficiently

Usually, we download lots of images from the internet or anywhere else, also photos taken by a camera. Sometimes, we may require it to resize in order to fit somewhere else or for any other purpose, toolur provides a quick option to resize any image file accordingly.

You can adjust height and width accordingly.

Image compression

You may have noticed that our mobile phone camera photos file size range from 1 to 5 MB, actually, we just ignore it, but hundreds of large file sized photos can easily take huge storage.

One of the top image compressing online tools.

Official site :- ToolUR - Compress/Resize Images

You can upload any type of images, such as photos, screenshots, downloaded images, or any file type, JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc.