The answer is yes and no because nobody is 100% sure.

You might be wondering what is this? If you know about cryptocurrencies well then you will understand the full concept of Pi.

Just like many other crypto projects, this is also a new player. As stated officially, this is not free money, but its success depends on several things including the community. The only way users will get benefited if it gains real value.
In today's time, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are becoming popular everywhere but at the same time, there are millions of people who have not been able to get bitcoins or similar cryptos.

Actually, cryptocurrency, which we also call a digital currency, is a very big revolutionary thing.

Just like Bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital assets, pi could be the next big thing. As we know, getting hands into first-generation cryptocurrencies is now very difficult, not everyone can afford these coins. In most countries, you can even buy cryptocurrencies whether you have money or not.

The problem with the Pi coin is that it is not reached the mainnet. Most of us won't trust a mining app. Actually, if you research a bit, 80% of the crypto faucet and airdrops are totally a waste of time. 

But as we can see millions of people already missed great chances before, from 2014 and 2018 there were lots of airdrops and faucet running, some ignored, some don't even know, but those who joined a few of these successful programs are now enjoying. 

Understanding the crypto world is very important as of now, slowly, big crypto adoption is coming. If one missed all his chance, means nocoiner, could regret it later. 

Actually, cryptocurrencies could easily kill the current cash system. Yes, you heard it right, this thing is revolutionary. Decentralization is the future.

Now back to the topic, we can not see it, but its value can go from thousands to millions of US dollars. If you want to see the perfect example then it is Bitcoin.

At first, Bitcoin came in 2009, nobody knows about it. People who discovered this and gained knowledge about how cryptocurrencies work, most of them probably became millionaires. 

If you talk about Pi, then the issue is slightly different, it will work like the rest of cryptocurrencies and has its own blockchain. It may have several different features or probably a goal just like other altcoins. You can read the official white paper on the pi app.

What is Pi?

It is a new virtual currency just like Bitcoin, dash, ethereum, ripple, and others. But it is not launched yet in the market.

Developed by a few of the Stanford PHDs, claiming that this could bring many people into the crypto world and enhance good competition in the already established cryptocurrency market.

Currently, Pi is being mined on mobile phones, the platform is powered by the Pi network app.

The developers are trying their best to spread pi coins among common people, people all around the world are getting into this. 

Some people think this could be the next Bitcoin. Let's see what gonna happen.

How Can I Get Pi Coins?

You don't need to buy coins either trade, currently, anyone can claim these for free, to some extent, or in other words, mining of Pi is possible on your phone.

Download the Pi network mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple app store (Android/iOS).

Remember, you cannot sign up without an invitation code or referral code.

You will get 1π instantly after signup if the code is entered.

Here is one for you.

Pi network app invitation code - Seoni1234

Do remember, this is not free money because as we have stated earlier this is a running crypto project.

No one knows what it can do in the future, maybe, if it reaches a considerable value can give you good returns without any investment.

A user can expect to get around 0.12 pi/hour after installing the app. You don't need to do anything, it is passive. This value will get decreased from time and time. A time will come when it will become as hard as Bitcoin mining.


  • This is the first cryptocurrency that can be mined on mobile phones. Actually, rather than hardware-based mining it is server-based, means, there are no issues such as battery drainage.
  • When the blockchain goes live, probably going to happen at the end of 2021, π will gain some value.
  • If everything goes as planned, Pi coins will be available at major exchanges. Anyone can convert it to other digital coins.
  • Recently, they have introduced pi browser along with a testnet wallet, you can send or receive coins on the network for testing. Pioneers will get 100 test coins.
  • Anyone can claim free coins, with a fair distribution system, as you may know, daily login is required after every 24 hours in order to get coins regularly.
  • There are 4 ways to earn pi coins, a user will be enrolled as a pioneer, contributor, ambassador. The last way is by Node, coming soon.
  • To increase the rate of pi per hour, inviting friends to the app is a simple way to maximize your earnings. 
  • Data such as real name, mobile number, and KYC is required. Later, in order to claim pi, document verification/KYC could be important.
  • Soon mining will be halved or zero as millions of new users are joining the project. 

Is The Pi Network Program Scam or Legit?

Pi network app
App dashboard

There are many of us who want to know whether Pi Coins will ever come in handy or it is a fraud.

Definitely, it should not be a scam, millions of people are in hope.

Actually, no one can answer these questions correctly. Right now, there are millions of people who are getting pi coins by using the official app.

As you must have understood that this app will give you free coins, but it has no value right now, it is zero.

But as developers are saying that after some time when it will come in the third phase and it could start regulating like other cryptos.

Many folks are thinking this is definitely a Ponzi scam, we can't say anything right now because it is still in development. However, a user doesn't have to anything except daily login and press the mine button. There could be something big in the future, nobody is sure. It's up to you to stick with this program or not. 

And one more thing, before entering any cryptocurrency, do your own research. 

This is not fake because if we pay attention to its app, we can see that neither the project is supported by ads nor they are asking for any kind of money, just providing coins to the public in the form of mining.

At this time, it is not even sure when it gets into phase 3, currently, it has come in phase 2 and was first started in the year 2019.

It could happen that the value will increase by 2022 - 23.

Although many people are considering it as a scam too, a better solution would be that before using it, you do your research.

What will be the value of Pi?

Nobody knows, do not believe damn predictions. All of the people who are saying it will be worth $1, $10, $100 are just stupid, because how can you guess the price of a digital coin when there is no information about its total supply. 

If the supply limit is in millions of coins, every pi coin could be worth hundreds of dollars. If the supply is in billions, the value could be in cents. And forget about trillions of supply.

The developers not yet announced several basic info about the pi network, they even didn't release the source code.

Some people are searching the internet and may be getting misinformation about Pi,  in the hope that they will get huge money out of this project, but that's totally wrong.

But it could be real, yes, Pi could have some value, we can't deny. The team is doing lots of things, the third phase could be something big. 

Let's see what happens.