Uphold is a major trading platform. It is currently supports the trading of cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, and stocks.

You may have basic attention tokens in your uphold wallet but the main issue is you cannot withdraw them to countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and there are lots of countries where the withdrawals are currently not supported.

Uphold doesn't provide any way to withdraw funds from their platform to India, officially, it only supports GBP, USD, and EUR regions.

Actually, there is a simple trick that lets you cash out your cryptocurrency tokens without many fees. Do you know that for most of the popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, ethereum, you have to pay a large amount of fees in order to take it out.

There are lots of people here in India and if you are one of them who is holding Basic Attention Tokens, it is easy to cash it out.

Now the most important thing to keep in mind is that there is a little fluctuation of price after completion of this process, so you have to notice fees and spread charges before doing any activity. Nobody is responsible for any loss of value and funds. This is actually important.

There are lots of other methods to pull out cryptocurrency assets from Uphold and convert it to real cash. But the problem is, several other platforms are charging a very high amount of fees, happily, this is a low-cost alternative method.

  • First of all, if you are from India you need to download Unocoin mobile application, this is an Indian crypto trading app. Get it from the play store.

(Just don't forget to enter this referral code U-493299, it could give you extra benefits)

  • Complete all the signup and KYC verification process, this is important because we gonna use unocoin to receive funds.
  • Go to 'Exchange' as it can be seen on the below image, from there check XRP ripple and copy the deposit address and destination tag. (Please be careful while copying the XRP address)

Note - The minimum amount to sell/buy is 1000 Rs.

  • Now, go to Uphold, from there you can convert any cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Stellar (XML), Tron, and other tokens to XRP (ripple).
  • You need to transact, in simple words, you have to convert all your funds to the XRP.
  • Now withdraw all the funds from Uphold XRP wallet to Unocoin XRP wallet. 
  • Within 2 to 5 minutes you will receive all the XRP coins to the Unocoin XRP wallet.
  • Within the Unocoin app, sell all the coins/assets, you will immediately receive money to the INR wallet, as shown as INR balance, from there, you can withdraw your money to a bank account. Usually, there are no fees.

Sell order section

You got it, you have successfully converted your crypto funds to real cash without paying a large number of fees, good luck.

You may be thinking why we have chosen XRP because its withdrawal fee is zero and the ledger network fees are very low.

Guaranteed, this method is easy and quite fast.