Ethereum ETH

Vitalik buterin's ethereum is one of the biggest cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin.

Reaching the new mark of what most investors are thinking could happen sooner than later.

The main reason behind the success of ethereum is its adaptation rate and uses in different ways. You might know that in a wide range of platforms such as Defi and NFTs, ethereum is supreme.

That doesn't mean any other competitors, or we can ethereum killers, can not crush the market of ETH. However, most Crypto experts believe that Cardano could be the only Ethereum killer as of today, but who knows exactly.

The current progress of Ethereum is indicating that a lot of big things are coming on the network. The most awaited ETH's 2.0 upgrade is one of them.

Ethereum chart
ETH 3 month progress

Sure, after the release of the upgrade, the price will go to the moon again. At the end of 2020, 1 ethereum price is equal to nearly $1000 and within just 2 to 3 months the price achieved new heights. As of 30 April 2021, the price is about $2700+. Many more all-time high rates could arrive soon.

Along with big institution's/ company's Bitcoin investments, most of them also preferred ethereum to be taken on the balance sheet.

Reaching the mark of $10,000 is the prediction of many experts, and we just can't underestimate the power of ETH.

It would be an eye popping news in the world of cryptocurrencies if ethereum crossed the BTC market cap. 

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