Money, money, money. As the internet and technology growing, these types of apps and websites are rapidly increasing in numbers.

Providing negligible value to users and taking their precious time. People who think they can make good money completing tasks, shopping cashback, surveys, etc. are living in dreams, in reality, only pennies are the rewards. 

Do you really want to spend hours and even days just for few pennies? Rather than this, I would like to spend my time watching YouTube videos and surfing the web.  

If you really want to make money or unemployed, go get a real job. You won't regret it. 

Surveys, trying apps, and completing small tasks are just worth pennies

No one will ever pay you few dollars per task. They are there just to make profits out of your time and energy. A user can expect to get around $0.5 to $0.15 per task. 

Most of the time, an individual may never able to earn, what we call sound money.

As an example I want to tell you about my real experience, I have tried approximately 50-60 reward programs but only able to get a payout of $10 after 4 months by only 1 platform. This is just an example, however, there are also lots of people able to earn a decent amount of money with the same platforms but that's not gonna work for everyone.

Remember, high minimum withdrawal balance, never getting payouts, fake earning programs are common as of today.

Even if you managed to earn a reasonable amount, Most of them have high very high payout limits, like first reach $10, $50, $100 to get withdrawals.

Not only this, there are hundreds of popular rewarding programs out there that never paid hard-earned money. When the payout time came up, no payouts were made and never will.

Rest 5% are rare to find

These platforms have either strong projects or they really care about users. 

Actually, either these are short-term projects or don't have reach to a wide range of users. You can easily find some of the top-paying reward platforms mostly available in western countries. Talking about developing countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, and others, these could be just low-paying and heavy time-consuming.

There are actually a few high-paying reward platforms, but it could be difficult to find one.

Still, making money online using these types of ways could be worthless. Want to believe, try out yourself.

However, involving in online micro jobs and some type of small job like tasks, could be beneficial rather than other retarded ways.

Do a little bit of research and check reviews

Giving personal data and things like emails, mobile numbers, etc everywhere is not recommended. Before registering yourself on any earn money platform, just by gaining some knowledge and doing a little bit of research good be very helpful. By doing so, better helps in deciding whether to sign up or not.

The best way to save time and be on the right platform can be achieved just by doing a little investigation about the app or site. 

Trustpilot is one of the trustworthy review sites where you can find exact reviews of lots of companies. You can literally find real people's reviews about a product/service/app/program.