Brave browser is the only app that pays its users some reasonable worth of money in the form of a digital token, Basic Attention Token, anyone can earn BAT tokens monthly by viewing ads. 

Collected tokens helps support or could be used for tipping favorite content creators. By default, brave does this automatically.

There are actually several benefits of brave browser such as an inbuilt ad, tracker, pop-up blocker.

However, the token reward system is great, the only thing most people (myself too) don't like is Uphold. If you are familiar with Brave, you may know what we are talking about.

A Verified Wallet's Funds are Only Available to Withdraw Via Uphold

Currently, there is only 1 way to redeem BAT, could be more in the future.

You need a minimum of 25 BAT, after this, the Uphold's KYC process could begin in order to take out the funds, but not in your personal wallet directly.

Firstly, the KYC process is irritating, most people just don't want to give personal documents for verification. Secondly, through uphold, you just can't withdraw BAT or cash out so easily, a high network fee is charged, and not to mention, there are lots of limitations on this platform.

Currently, In the matter of crypto, uphold is not recommended

Brave has already partnered with many popular cryptocurrency platforms, they should use some other platform that is available globally and has few hassles. 

Direct wallet payout will be much appreciated among the community. If possible sooner or later, that would be great.