In old days, PDF conversion was considered to be impossible. This was until MS Word updated and launched its new version in 2010. This was when Word was able to open a PDF file by making an editable copy of it. This manual conversion method still has some flaws. It was still considered to be impossible for a user to convert PDF files on smartphones. 

Today things have changed and have become much more advanced. Today you have hundreds of online PDF converter tools and websites that can help you change PDF to Word or any other format of your choice in seconds. 

In this post, we will not tell you about PDF converter tools that can help you make online manipulations. Rather we would discuss the best mobile applications that can help you change PDF files to other formats and vice versa on your android phones. 

Today there are indeed dozens of PDF converter apps indexed on Google Playstore, but in this post, we would only discuss ones that can be used without registration or limitations.

Best PDF converter tools for android phone users!

Below are applications that would help you change PDF to word without any hassle. 

  • PDF to Word Converter Free: PDF Converter to JPG

This PDF converter application belongs to the content arcade that is very easy to use and it comes with many features, which makes it a popular choice for android users. All you have to do is install this PDF to word converter application on your device and upload PDF files you want to convert. After uploading the files, you have to select the file type in which you want to convert your PDF docs in and click on “Convert” option. You would get new files in less than seconds. This free PDF converter android app is free to use, and you don’t have to worry about any registrations and signups while using this app. You can convert multiple PDF files to Word or other editable formats in less than seconds. 

  • Able2Extract PDF converter

This is another android application that can help you change PDF files to Word or other file types. This PDF converter is free to use, and you don’t need to get into any registrations and signups while using this app. All you have to do is install the application from the Playstore. Enter the PDF files in the app and select the format you want to convert them in. This application is quite simple and elegant, and even a new user can utilize it like a pro. Some key features of this converter are:

  1. Multiple file format support.
  2. Fast conversion speed.
  3. No internet connection is required after installation.
  4. No limitation on the file size.

  • Office Suite 7

This is another famous PDF to Word android application that you can use without any restrictions, signups, or limits. This PDF converter app is known to be best for changing the PDF files to MS Excel format, but you should know that the PDF to word conversion of this app is also quite accurate and reliable. The app comes with both free and paid versions, and it is up to you to subscribe with the one which suits your requirements. With this office application, you cannot only convert file formats, but you can also edit and manipulate them as per your choice. The Word to PDF and PDF to word conversion is the simplest and easiest conversion offered by the app.

  • PDF Converter PRO

The PDF converter pro is another android application that you can use without making an account with it. Android users can only use this pro application and so don’t waste your time trying to download it on your desktop. Many people confuse this PDF converter pro app for Wondershare converter, but you must know that this application is developed and powered by an entirely different company. There are many features of this android app, and some of them have been listed below:

  1. It helps you convert PDF to other formats and also vice versa. 
  2. It helps you preview the converted files before downloading.
  3. It will back up your files in case you lose them.
  4. It can help you convert a complete batch of files.

  • File Converter

This is another application for your smartphone and tablets. This is an online-based app, so you need a web connection to convert PDF to Word or vice versa even after installation. The app has its own cloud storage space where you can save and secure your files. The best thing about this PDF file converter app is that it can convert the files with video, audio, images, and other elements. It supports more than hundreds of different file types when it comes to making conversions. You don’t need to register or sign up with this app to use it!

These are some of the best android apps which can help you in quick and accurate conversions without entangling you with registrations!