Lazio fan token was to be launched on Binance launchpad, at that time, I have not participated in the project.

Instead, on the day of the token launch, I have found a website that seems to be official, but not. from here I have bought about $300 worth of Lazio tokens that are duplicate. The dapp site is so perfectly designed, it looks so real, probably 1000+ people got scammed, I have found around 1200 addresses holding these fake tokens.

I thought I can grab some tokens before they will list on exchanges.

If it was real, I could easily make thousands of dollars in no time. 

Officially on Binance launchpad, its Sale price was 1 USDT = 1 Lazio

I have bought Lazio tokens of $300 using smart chain bnb on a fake site. Before I can understand anything, I have lost the money to fake tokens. 

The scammers may have got a huge amount of BNB tokens out of this. 

In reality, you and even no one can do anything, it's a cryptocurrency scam, nobody can do anything.

So be careful and don't be like me.