Just like Binance, gate.io, here is another player in the market, Bityard.

Deposit and withdrawal are live.

You can even trade stocks along with several cryptocurrencies.

Get BYD platform tokens

These tokens are native to bityard. 

Total supply - 210 million

For Promotion - 10+ million

Visit the daily mining section to earn byd tokens directly. Currently, this token is not for sale anywhere else, this is the only way.

What's in the mystery box?

There are currently two ways to get the mystery Box, one is by completing the KYC, and second is by doing at least one spot trading on this platform.

Users will get a random amount of crypto tokens, could be any, Bitcoin, ethereum, Tron, Shiba inu.

Bityard Daily mining

The daily mining feature enables users to earn several popular tokens including Bitcoin, Tron, etc as gift money.

Sign up link - Bityard