Using P2P

You will be only allowed to buy stable coins and other assists such as Bitcoin, TRX, and eth, the price will be higher than the trading price. 

You cannot sell via peer 2 peer, because it has certain requirements. 

Always buy more than 10 USDT/BUSD, 11 USD is sufficient for multiple trades. If the total value falls below 10 USD, you won't be able to spot trade. Now if you want to add more coins for trading, again, you will need to buy more.

One more important thing if you want to buy the dip, Ignore p2p during the bear market. For example - most sellers charge an extra 5% to 10%.

Defi is risky 

Binance Earn is a product where anyone can earn annual interest by depositing a certain amount of principle. 

However, flex rate/non-defi products are fine. But if you go towards higher apy using a decentralized finance platform, then there are several risks. 

You may know that hacks/exploits are common in DeFi. Binance will never recover lost assets on DeFi platforms, even on their platform. 

Is Binance safe to store my digital assists 

DYOR, cryptocurrencies are meant to be fully yours. Not your key, not your coins. However, there is no harm in experimenting with a smaller portfolio. 

Binance is the world's most trustable and popular exchange. There are reports, that they have insurance for its users. 

Alternatively, you can use cold storage devices for more safety. 


Ever tried their launchpad, it is super easy to use and to earn new tokens directly, only if you have a large amount of BNB or BUSD.

Remember that, most new launchpad tokens are useless and staking a low amount of BNB is worthless, even trading is impossible if the total value falls below 10 USD of the earned amount.

Tip - Swap dust coins to BNB. 

3rd Party Accounts 

From the portfolio menu, at last, you can find this option, don't forget to utilize other platforms like wazirX (India), Tococrypto (Indonesia), and pexpay. 

For example, if you are from India, you can connect your wazirX account to binance for transferring coins between them, at zero fees, this means, anyone can save by buying/selling coins on the native platform without any issue, and to save money. 

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